Friday, 27 February 2015

Music To My Ears I My Record Player

Over a month ago now I got the best birthday present ever! Do you wanna know what it is? A record player! 

There it is, its the most amazing present I ever have got and I chose it in a wonderful music shop in Newcastle.

Couldn't of thanked my parents enough! They bought me two speakers with it too, the sound is incredible and no Im not lying. When I first told my parents I wanted one I loved the retro ones frpm Urban Outfitters but then I got there and realised I fell in love with a modern verison. If you want to purchase a record player that has a good sound then defintely get one from a music shop or you can buy a retro record player from  Urban Outfitters but the sound isnt great.

Where I live in York, UK there isn't a lot of record shops. I usually buy mine from HMV but tempted to go to a proper music shop as you get more choice and can spend ages looking for something that you love. 

Are there any record shops where you live? Where do you buy your vinyls from?

Two of my vinyls and two singles of my uncles.

The rest of my vinyls, so lucky to have all these!

All of the photos from this blog post are mine that I took on my phone. 

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Let Me Introdruce Myself

Meet Charlotte 

Hi everybody! My name is Charlotte Wharram and I'm a Vintage, Fashion and a Lifestyle Blogger behind Lottie's Lott.. It is lovely to finally meet you all!

I'm 24 years old and live in a historical city called York in England. I have been blessed to live in the countryside and its definitely made me appreciate bigger places in the world where I'd love to go.

Lottie's Lott came about a year and a half ago nearly when I began to show an interest in vintage and enjoyed posting a lot of retro pictures on my Instagram account. I started realising there was so many other people in the vintage community that loved my account and after a couple of months Lottie's Lott became a hobby of something that I am proud to call my own. Its a happy place where I can share with you my love and passion of vintage. I love being able to open my laptop on a weekend or after work and right a few ideas down before sharing with you all.

On a final note, I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I have enjoyed writing it!

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Love, Lottie 


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