Saturday, 14 March 2015

Hairstyles In The 1940s

 I want to take you back to a time when hairstyles were very elegant, glamorous, classic, romantic and terribly chic. No word can describe how beautiful they were, I loved researching about the hairstyles and wanted to share them with you.

Rolls were a totally flexible element of a hairstyle. Women could shape and position rolls as they wanted. The hair could be brushed smooth or it could have waves. Rolls could be situated on top of the head, at the sides, coming back from the forehead or along the back. Side rolls could be positioned whenever they wanted to be. They could be symmetrical on each side of the face, or not symmetrical at all or there could be just one roll! If needed, the sharp and stability of a roll could be helped with backcombing and by using rats and everything would be held in places with hair pins. A smooth roll going all round the sides and the back of hair that was curled under was a pageboy. This style suited medium or longer hair to be able to achieve the roll.

A turban was a length of a material that was made from things like soft wool. It was tied on the top of the head and the long ends were then either simply tucked under, or rolled up first then tucked under to create a more defined U-shape. The turban could be left as it was or decorated with things such as pompoms or flowers.

Pompadours stand high up from the forehead, the hair going back off the face, and could be either smooth or waved.

 Black women's hair in the 1940's straightened their hair. It was part of being accepted by society and was simply the done thing. It wouldn't be until the 1960's before this really started to change and natural hair was more accepted. Straightening was done with a protective pomade or oils and a heated metal comb, transforming tight curls into glossy straight hair, and it stayed this way until it got wet or was washed. The straightened hair could be dressed into waves, rolls and pinned in typical 1940's hairstyles. Women with straightened hair would avoid swimming such as swimming, washing their hair or the rain. A scarf could always be worn to cover hair until it could be straightened again,

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