Saturday, 25 April 2015

Topshop Vintage Look / Modern Vintage

Hi everyone!

It's nice to finally have some time to blog again. I absolutely hate it when your unwell or just having a busy week purely because you have no time to blog and then you feel awful because it has been a week and you know you should of blogged about something.

Last night I was looking at a new blogger theme/template and think it is pretty cool. It is a plain colour but at the same time it has a really good design to it. I thought I'd give it a go and see what I think. Majority of the good themes you have to pay for and I only want a free one. 

So you know at Topshop they have a Vintage section right? You know, the branded selection which I have found to be quite pricey, they have some lovely things though! Actually they do have a selection called We are Cow which look really cool. There are some awesome prints which are unusual to wear and defintely have a retrostyle theme to them.

I found some modern style vintage outfits the other day which I think look great. I haven't blogged about modern vintage clothes yet and found some lovely pieces which would look good if you like vintage clothes but would not want to dress back in the era. 

This brand of clothes are from a website called:
and are available in larger Topshop stores. The instagram page is Topshop Vintage Offical.

Here are some of the outfits that I loved.

   The shirt is very unique and a typical 
    vintage design.


I think these Levi shorts are fab! 

This gorgeous dress too.

So yes as you can see these outfits have a retro style to them but are paired up with a modern style handbag for example.

Lottie x


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