Thursday, 16 April 2015

History of Vintage Wedding Dresses

Today I wanted to talk about something a little different and so here is a little a history of Vintage Wedding Dresses.Vintage Wedding Dresses are an excellent alternative to modern wedding dresses, and offer a unique style and a timeless look. The growns are often made from high quality fabrics, including raw silk and rayon. Women of previous era's were, on the whole, smaller, so many vintage gowns are found in small sizes, whereas it takes more time to find one in a larger size. Just like all other dressers throughtout the history of fashion, vintage wedding dressed vary in shape, cut and fit: each decade brought with it a new look and silhouette.

Vintage wedding dresses differ by era. While some era's were known for tight, form-fitting gowns, others had more of a conserative look.

Wedding dresses of the 1920s were known for their loose-fitting sheath and narrow shoulders. The dresses do not contain a waistline; instead they are structured and flow freely from the wearers body. Vintage wedding dresses from this period best complement women with petite figures, smaller busts and narrow hips. 

Wedding dresses from the 1930s were more form fitting than the previous era. These dresses flatter a woman's curve and offer a slim and narrow cut. Dresses from this period were designed with tall, slender woman in mind and are best suited for woman with straight or hourglass figures.

Did you know that 1940s dresses were characterised by their puffed shoulders, peplums and sweetheart neckline. The puffed shoulders help to give the illusion of a smaller waistline. These dresses have either full or narrow skirts, which vary in length. These lengths grew shorter during the 40s. Vintage wedding dresses from this period complement curvy women and those with fuller figures. 

1950's vintage wedding dresses are fitted from the waist up and feature a larger burst area. The skirt of the dress is stiffened with hoops to give it a fuller shape. These skirts are found in both tea-length and full-length. The silhouette of the dress compliments most body shapes. While the skirt hides a pear-shaped woman's bottom half, it flatters the curves of an hourglass figure, with a defined waist.

Vintage wedding dresses from the 1960s feature empire waists with long skirts that a flow in a slim A-line. The waistline of the dress sits higher on the person's body, so the gown complements most body shapes and successfully hides the larger tummy area of apple-shaped women.

I found some of my favourite old hollywood stars in their wedding dresses. 






How lovely are these wedding dresses! I love everyone one of them. 

I hope you enjoyed learning about vintage wedding dresses as I did.

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