Saturday, 30 May 2015

Why Buy Vintage?

Why wear something that someone else might be wearing?

For a lot of people, vintage clothing is something to love and cherish. There are a key to past times with every garment having its own history to them. Quite often people don't always know the history behind each garment but it is easy to be swept away when imagining swirling around the ballroom in a vintage gown.

Here are reasons why people buy vintage clothing and certainly why I do.

  1. Vintage is unique.
  2. Quality
  3. The history
  4. Celebrities wear vintage.
  5. Its eco-friendly
  6. Collectable

Here are some of my favourite vintage clothing pictures.

I would just like to say I know this has just been a short little blog post about why you should buy vintage clothing. I hope for those people who wear unsure have been able to find this useful. I will be back again soon with another blog post so don't miss out!

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