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Monday with Marilyn I Old Hollywood Star

Since Marilyn's birthday I have noticed a lot of posts on the internet about 'Why is Marilyn Monroe so inspirational or still so famous'. At the beginning of June we celebrated what would have been her 89th birthday and thought I'd share with you my reasons why I think she is still as famous as she was when she was alive. I did a tribute to Marilyn last week and I don't often do two blog posts to do with the same iconic star in a week but since this seems to be something that people are wanting to know I came with having a 'Monday with Marilyn' every other week. I know how so many people love this lady so I thought it would be great to share something new with you all every other week. On instagram they are so many people who have fan pages of Marilyn Monroe. I believe the reason's behind this are very simple; she was a beautiful woman, an amazing actress and even though she was a complicated person people can relate to her problems that she went through.

Marilyn is more than a pretty face.

My sub heading to this blog post I feel is something that I lot of Marilyn fan's like myself will understand. I find it upsetting how some people can say this and it is hurtful. Towards the end of her career Marilyn didn't want to be known for having the body that everyone wanted and being a blonde bombshell anymore. Marilyn Monroe is celebrated for many things - her looks, her physique, her breathy voice. She's praised for her "size 14 frame and idolised as the epitome of beauty.

And she is gorgeous but she's so much more than that.

Born Norma Jeane Mortenson, and also known as Norma Jeane Baker – who is pretty inspiring. Despite her carefully-constructed Hollywood appearance , Marilyn was anything but a stupid blonde. She was smart, funny and deep. Oh and a very much brunette. (Not that it matters, as hair colour has literally no impact on someone’s intellect.)

Here are some reasons I admire Marilyn Monroe.
  1. Soon after she married, Marilyn was “discovered” by a photographer while her husband was away working; she immediately knew she wanted to seek out more opportunities—particularly in acting. She did what she needed to in order to make that happen: in the same year, she had filed for divorce, changed her name, dyed her hair blond, and starred in a film. She’d been reborn.
  2. Marilyn didn't just want fame; she wanted to be taken seriously as an actress. She studied with some of the biggest acting coaches of the time and even went to the actors studio to strengthen what she had learnt.
  3. This is one of the things I admire about her. She fought for what she believed in. She was still being given the dumb blonde, cutesy roles even after she had won awards for. Marilyn could have given up but instead she fought hard with a studio to hire her for the roles she wanted.
  4. Marilyn suffered severe performance anxiety, the highest form of stage fright that would make her feel physically ill and unable to work sometimes. She dealt with a number of insecurities, involving not only her craft but also her body. Marilyn wanted children badly and she suffered miscarriages which greatly affected her depression. She coped with her depression through regular visits with a psychologist (despite the fact that going to a therapist in those times was looked down on).
  5. Marilyn Monroe was a forward thinking, smart, loving, sexy and talented lady. She was all of these things not just a beautiful person.

 If Marilyn had been born later on in life and was still around now she would have been looked after better. She would have been given the right medication she needed, the help she cried out for and most importantly might have lived a longer life that she did do. There was a documentary on Marilyn a few weeks ago and the doctors were saying she suffered with a type of depression that affects your mood swings which can swing from one extreme to another which today it is know as Bipolar disorder. They also said when the last few hours when Marilyn was alive she tried to get in touch with someone but unfortunately she had taken too many drugs which meant her speech wasn't very good and her cry of help that she wanted was too late and she died of an overdose.

I hope you have enjoyed my first Monday with Marilyn blog post which I have spent the last few days working on. By the end of June I will be hoping to do at least 3/4 blog posts and won't upload them the week I'll be going abroad so you'll be able to read some new blog post's whilst I will be away. I will keep you up to date nearer the time when that will happen. It won't be until the middle of July which is quite away yet (well It seems to me anyway). 

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  1. I love this :)
    No one believes me when I tell them Marilyn was a brunette! I love how you've gone deeper into her life and explained all of the things most people overlook :)
    Great post xxx

  2. Aww thank you! Omg its crazy! People need to look at her pics as Norma Jeane! Or need to research into her. Yeah I think people need to try to understand her xxx


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