Saturday, 29 August 2015

What's in my bag? I Lifestyle

I have always loved reading blog posts and watching YouTube video's of 'what's in my bag'. I love all types of bags. I love seeing other people's and it is always interesting to see what people have inside. Over a month ago I was given such a lovely satchel that I wanted to share with you and decided it was the perfect opportunity to do a 'what's in my bag' blog post.

I am pretty organised with the inside of my bag. I always take things out that I don't need or put things in the night before. If I have plenty of time in the morning I will also sort out my bag making sure I have everything I need for that day or week. 

New York Satchel
Let's begin with the satchel. My lovely Auntie treated me to this satchel. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. It was from TK Max (which is unsual for me as I usually buy bags from Topshop) and actually really cheap than what it was. It was in the sale and it was the last one left. I actually have not used it yet I am waiting for Auturmn to come which will be here very soon! I know this is going to be a satchel that I am going to love and can use it all through Winter too! I tend to use bags for months and then I will change to a new one. This will be the perfect suede day to day satchel that will fit pretty much anything in!  


I'm a big fan of Topshop (who isn't)! Their accessorises are great. This was a giff and I have used it even since I got it. It is the perfect size for me and fits great in my satchel and any other handbag! It holds all my necessary items together and even has room to put old photos in. 


I always carry an umbrella around with me. You never know what the weather os going to be like in England. I bought this one from Next and it was not too expensive but pretty good value for a raining day. 

Tissues and hairbrush:

Tissues are great for anything even if you are not poorly! I always carry a hairbrush around with me; big or small. 

Soap and Glory: Peach Party Blusher

This is my favourite blusher. The colour goes well with my skin colour and hair. I also love the little bit of glitter in it too - h gives your cheeks a bit of shine. For £10:50 its a pretty great buy. I do not usually carry blusher in my bag as I fibd it stays out for the whole day! 

Soap and Glory: Powder

I do not use foundation. Whenever I tell people that they always find it strange! I do not get a lot of spots so I find concealer and powder is a great thing to use. The powder makes my concealer last for the whole day so I do not usually need to re apply. 

Mac Cosmetics Lipstick: Pink Plaid

This is the second pink plaid matte lipstick that I have. I had to rebuy it when the other one ran out. It looks great on my lips; I love pink lipsticks! It is a definite favourite of mine that is a bag necessary! You have to have a lipstick in your bag not just to add colour but incase you have had food/drink and you have to re apply. 

Topshop Lipstick: 

I always carry two lipsticks with me. Whether its two of the same shade or different. This topshop lipstick is a lovely light pink and looks great. It lasts a long time and you do not need to re apply much. I love how it keeps your lips from not getting dry.

Nivea Lipsyll:

For the those days when your lips need some tlc!

Accessorise Sunglasses Case:

I always have my case in my bag when the suns out. Stops my sunnies from getting stratched and marked. 

Bowler Vintage Sunglasses:

Love these sunglasses, they are the perfect shape and look great. I got two for £10. It was a great price!

Apple Head Phones:

They came with my Iphone and always have them in my bag. I'd be lost without them! 

Hair bobbles:

Incase of any hair emergencies!


Essential part of everything. I always need them! 

I hope you all enjoyed my first 'what's in my bag'.

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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Blog Update | What is happening? |

What has been happening? It really has been a crazy month. I have not blogged in the last week because I currently have a new job and I started 2 weeks ago on Monday. Everything has been hetic because I am still at my old job too and when I have been getting home blogging has not been on my mind. I love my blog and I do not want to neglect it in anyway, Lottie's Lott was created in February  2015 and since then I have been so dedicated to it. Its become something that I love and I have worked so hard to get it to be something that I am happy with. It may not be like some blogs where there have different layouts and fonts but I have been getting some great things about it which has made me feel great! 

I love writing about all the different Old Hollywood Stars, Pin Ups and a few fashion bits too. I really wanted to do this blog update because I thought I had to tell you about why I have not been posting in the last couple of weeks. I have two blog ideas in my mind one about some vinyls I chose 2 weeks ago whilst visiting the grandparents and a Whats in my bag? Yes I know what you are thinking it really doesnt go however I have a vintage satchel and thought it would be perfect for my blog. I know everyone does this but people seem to love them so why cannot I do one. Its just an idea so it may not happen but hopefully it will! I did post an instagram picture of my new bag which I bought over a month ago so a few of you might have already seen it.

Thank you to everyone who follows me on instagram and Twitter! I love reading your comments and tweets!

Blog lovin - I do not use it for posting my blogs on to it. I actually do not even know how too. I just like to save and read other people's. In my biography it does have the link to my blog account. 

Thank you for reading and I will be back soon. I am hoping to have a new post up by the weekend so keep your eyes peeled for that. A spoiler will on my instagram and twitter in the next couple of days (possibly Friday)!

Love Lottie xxx


Saturday, 8 August 2015

Betty Brosmer I Pin Up Model

Betty Brosmer? You know the girl with the hourglass figure that people adored but never knew how she could get such a tiny waist? I have always been intrigued by her and after seeing lots of pictures of her I have finally got round to doing one. Betty Brosmer was the highest paid pin up model from the 1950s and the most precious example of the hourglass figure. How could you not love Betty?!
She was the first true 'supermodel' and she did not stop there. She also had a long and happy career in the fitness and bodybuilding field, mostly due to her marriage with Joe Weider; an American bodybuilder and entrepreneur.

".. there will never be another glamour girl like Betty Brosmer. Her classically sunny all-American blonde beauty was a worthy counterpart to that of Marilyn Monroe. Her magnificent contoured-beyond-perfection figure was without equal. Further, there was a glow, an incandescence about Betty that was not to be found in any other model. And the total package was son utterly winning that Betty - without every revealing much more epidermis than one would be likely to see at the beach - was the definitive super model of the 1950s." - Steve Sullivian

Betty's waist measured in at 18 inches with a 38 inch bust and 36 inch hips. (This was before the age of photoshop) It is speculated that Betty achieved her tiny waist with a little help from the practise corset training, also know as waist training, waist reduction or tightlacing for moulding a pronounced and significantly smaller waist.

Black and white pictures are the best!

Thank you for reading this blog post all about the wonderful Betty Brosmer. I was planning on doing a Marilyn Monroe Tribute celebrating her life on August 4th but I already posted a blog post about her and felt that I did not need to do another as leading up to Marilyn's death I was posting instagram pictures of her. I also felt like I wanted to blog about a pin up model too.

Lottie x


Monday, 3 August 2015

Old Hollywood Star Favourite I Marilyn Monroe

"She was a girl who knew when to be happy even when she was sad" - Marilyn Monroe

Since I started this blog I've been so interested in watching youtube video's such as Sprinkle Of Glitter and Zoella. Like Louise and Zoe, other youtubers and bloggers do a video or a blog post once a month called 'favourite's and I have decided to do one for my blog but instead of it being based around beauty products and clothing mine's on an old Hollywood star and their pictures. I really wanted to get some information into Marilyn Monroe's favourite pictures of herself but I could not unfortunately so I have chosen a few of mine.

This Old Hollywood Star Favourite Blog Post will be a series of different favourite pictures and every month there will be a different old Hollywood Star.

I picked these first two pictures of her because in every photo of her and I have seen so many she always look so beautiful and elegant. I think the first picture shows her dancing ability and how elegant she looks. I also love the second photo because she loved animals. Both pictures look amazing, I also love black and white photo's too so that was a bonus!

Both of these photo's are from a tumblr fan page of Marilyn

The reason I chose these pictures of Marilyn is because I love her different facial expressions!

The coloured one has some lovely photo's of her towards the end of her life where in some if you look really closely she looks tired and does not look very well.

I loved seeing Marilyn with longer hair as she got older.

Perfection. I love everything about this photo. The whole photo shoot is wonderful
Of course I had to choose these two stunning pictures of Marilyn, I pretty much feel the same way about the previous photo to these two. I found an amazing facebook page of Marilyn called 'Marilyn Monroe in Colour' and there's lots of different photo's of her in every photoshoot she did.
Thank you for reading this blog post on Old Hollywood Star Favourites. I picked a few of my favourite from July/beginning of August even though these pictures were not taken in these months. I will be doing another old Hollywood star favourite at the end of August.
Other places when you can find me
Please feel free to leave comments I'd love to hear from you all!
See you soon.
Lottie Lott
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