Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Blog Update | What is happening? |

What has been happening? It really has been a crazy month. I have not blogged in the last week because I currently have a new job and I started 2 weeks ago on Monday. Everything has been hetic because I am still at my old job too and when I have been getting home blogging has not been on my mind. I love my blog and I do not want to neglect it in anyway, Lottie's Lott was created in February  2015 and since then I have been so dedicated to it. Its become something that I love and I have worked so hard to get it to be something that I am happy with. It may not be like some blogs where there have different layouts and fonts but I have been getting some great things about it which has made me feel great! 

I love writing about all the different Old Hollywood Stars, Pin Ups and a few fashion bits too. I really wanted to do this blog update because I thought I had to tell you about why I have not been posting in the last couple of weeks. I have two blog ideas in my mind one about some vinyls I chose 2 weeks ago whilst visiting the grandparents and a Whats in my bag? Yes I know what you are thinking it really doesnt go however I have a vintage satchel and thought it would be perfect for my blog. I know everyone does this but people seem to love them so why cannot I do one. Its just an idea so it may not happen but hopefully it will! I did post an instagram picture of my new bag which I bought over a month ago so a few of you might have already seen it.

Thank you to everyone who follows me on instagram and Twitter! I love reading your comments and tweets!

Blog lovin - I do not use it for posting my blogs on to it. I actually do not even know how too. I just like to save and read other people's. In my biography it does have the link to my blog account. 

Thank you for reading and I will be back soon. I am hoping to have a new post up by the weekend so keep your eyes peeled for that. A spoiler will on my instagram and twitter in the next couple of days (possibly Friday)!

Love Lottie xxx

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