Monday, 3 August 2015

Old Hollywood Star Favourite I Marilyn Monroe

"She was a girl who knew when to be happy even when she was sad" - Marilyn Monroe

Since I started this blog I've been so interested in watching youtube video's such as Sprinkle Of Glitter and Zoella. Like Louise and Zoe, other youtubers and bloggers do a video or a blog post once a month called 'favourite's and I have decided to do one for my blog but instead of it being based around beauty products and clothing mine's on an old Hollywood star and their pictures. I really wanted to get some information into Marilyn Monroe's favourite pictures of herself but I could not unfortunately so I have chosen a few of mine.

This Old Hollywood Star Favourite Blog Post will be a series of different favourite pictures and every month there will be a different old Hollywood Star.

I picked these first two pictures of her because in every photo of her and I have seen so many she always look so beautiful and elegant. I think the first picture shows her dancing ability and how elegant she looks. I also love the second photo because she loved animals. Both pictures look amazing, I also love black and white photo's too so that was a bonus!

Both of these photo's are from a tumblr fan page of Marilyn

The reason I chose these pictures of Marilyn is because I love her different facial expressions!

The coloured one has some lovely photo's of her towards the end of her life where in some if you look really closely she looks tired and does not look very well.

I loved seeing Marilyn with longer hair as she got older.

Perfection. I love everything about this photo. The whole photo shoot is wonderful
Of course I had to choose these two stunning pictures of Marilyn, I pretty much feel the same way about the previous photo to these two. I found an amazing facebook page of Marilyn called 'Marilyn Monroe in Colour' and there's lots of different photo's of her in every photoshoot she did.
Thank you for reading this blog post on Old Hollywood Star Favourites. I picked a few of my favourite from July/beginning of August even though these pictures were not taken in these months. I will be doing another old Hollywood star favourite at the end of August.
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See you soon.
Lottie Lott

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