Sunday, 13 September 2015

Amy Winehouse and The Beehive

If you follow me on any of my social media you would of seen that I am loving posting vintage pictures of the 60's at the moment. I also love the hair style the beehive and Amy Winehouse. I wanted to find the perfect pictures to show why I love her so much and it fits it with my 60's posts at the moment on Instagram and twitter! 

So I start by showing you this image of Amy. That big smile she had, her eyeliner that was very much over the top but looks pretty amazing on her! She somehow managed to pull it off! Her iconic hair style that she wore 'the beehive' which just looked great. It looks like she has toliet paper wrapped round her hair too. 

I started following an Amy Winehouse instagram account and found this lovely picture of her. I love all her different facial expressions! It is a beautiful collage of her. 

Black and white photo's are my favourite. I fell in love with this lovely photo of Amy as soon as I saw it. Can you see why?

No Ball Games - Reminds me of school. I love Amy's fred perry polo, her braces and her red lip. 

I love Amy's pin up tattoo's she has on her right arm.

This mirror image looks amazing! I also want to thank you for reading! This is not an informative blog post but I hope you enjoyed seeing my favourite Amy Winehouse pictures.

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