Tuesday, 29 December 2015

My Goals For 2016

It is that time already and this year I wanted to share with you my Goals for 2016, Enjoy!

1. Blogging
I love blogging and 2016 I am going to continue to learn more about blogging and producing more posts for you all. Of course I would like to change a few things but at the moment I feel quite happy with it.

2. New style
New style? I never change my style I like to keep it the same but I would love to pick out new clothes from Vintage shops or even wear more skirts and casual dresses during the day. Being tall is hard so I tend to stick with jeans and wear dresser things on a night if I'm seeing friends.

3. Happiness
To continue to love my job and what I do. More hours would also be a bonus but for the being to still keep learning and progressing forward. 

4. Friendships
I am so grateful to have three of the best friends, I do not have a massive group of friends but I would like to meet new people and share and make new memories.

5. Fresh Start
I did a post not that long ago about reflecting on 2015 and to New beginnings and I believe it is important to do so. Did you really achieve everything you wanted in 2015? If not make 2016 your year to fulfill your dreams!

I hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas and enjoy celebrating the New Year! 

Lottie x


Sunday, 20 December 2015

The Christmas Post

Christmas is the most magical time of the year right?! When Halloween, Bonfire Night and Children in Need is over. Everything from adverts to shops is Christmas and I love it. Shoppers go crazier every year to the point where they start Christmas shopping in September/October time which is just unreal to think about it. I guess its a pretty good idea in one way but then none of the shops have anything Christmasy in. I usually start my shopping in the middle of November/December and that has been the same this year too. Luckily for myself I did not have to buy a lot and its great when you can go half's on Christmas presents with your friends especially when some people are not sure exactly what they want. Family presents were not too much either because my parents did not want a lot and I did not have a lot of money to buy lots of different presents, sometimes its not necessary to do that and I believe that some people just think one present is fine! People can go over the top buying so many presents for your family members. I worked in retail for 3 and a half years but I left Next this year in September and it was a good feeling as I hated working over Christmas, I was always ill and it ruined it for myself and my family! It happened last year on Christmas Eve when I was about to start work and I woke up with the biggest headache I have possibly ever had, it eventually went but then started again later on in the afternoon. In fact, the majority of staff were ill, I came down with cold and lots of staff members had a sickness bug or they had a temperature. It was the Next bug! The day after Boxing Day was the worst but I powered through and by 7.00pm I went home, I used to hate working during Christmas, it ruins it. I always used to have to bring a change of clothes on Christmas Eve as I was meeting my family after for food and drinks which I loved but it was a rush getting changed! So happy I do not get to do anything like that again! Fallen lucky as I will not be working by usual shift at my new job because the doctors surgery closes at 6pm which is when I usually start. So this year I am off for the 3 days and then the day after Boxing day and back on the Tuesday which is a fabulous feeling! I really do feel sorry for all retail workers, I do not understand why shops open on Boxing day, Boxing day for me is all about having family over and watching Christmas films and eating food. It is certainly not about going around the sales!

I loved the excitement of Christmas growing up, my sister and I used to absolutely love it going down on Christmas morning and seeing what Father Christmas had got you. That is what every child looks forward too and the parents seeing their faces as their children are unwrapping the presents and learning about the Christmas story, going to church and singing Christmas Carols. I love listening to Christmas songs they make you feel jolly inside and when you hear them you know Christmas is on its way! December has flown by this year! The weeks have gone so fast to the point that Christmas Eve is on Thursday which is 4 days away, I cannot believe how fast it is approaching! Last Saturday night I went to a work Christmas party at the York Racecourse. It was so good, I never really been to a proper works Christmas do before. The York Racecourse is massive, they have so many different suites for functions and apparently it was the biggest night ever! Lots and lots of Christmas work parties like mine turned up at the doors, all in lots of big rooms. We were sat on a rectangular table which was slightly annoying as you can only talk to the people who were sat next to you and opposite you. A round table would have been so much better. We had a 4 course meal which was delicious, a choice of starter which I chose Chicken and Duck it was just right and so tasty. Then we had broccoli soup, we then went up for our carvery.. by then I was full but left some run for desserts. I was loving the food that much I forgot to take any photos however I did manage to get a couple of photos with the girls. Here is my favourite from the night.

Lynne, Dawn and I

I wore a dress of my sisters which fitted perfectly and I love how the dress had lots of lace at the top.
I like black dresses but I like them to have detail in because just a plain black dress can be very dull especially when it is got dressed up. I wore my Zara leather jacket which I adore, it was the first one I tried on and fell in love with it! It was around £20-£25 which is really good for Zara and not forgetting my shoes, They were from Dorothy Perkins and my first heel, I am 5ft11 so I have never worn heels before purely because I am tall and they make them so high I'd look like a giant! Well these were the perfect height for me even though I did feel so much taller they looked great and I was so pleased with them! I was able to dance in them which was a bonus for me! It was such a fab night and It was definitely something I'd love to go too again next year! 

Every year we get a real Christmas Tree and it makes our living room smell amazing and it makes me even more excited for Christmas.

What are your plans for Christmas? I hope you all have a fab time whatever you are doing for it!

Lottie x


Saturday, 5 December 2015

Reflecting On The Year and New Beginnings

"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I'm possible." - Audrey Hepburn

The question is where to start, too many decisions, too many thoughts that my brain can no longer handle so I an Audrey Hepburn quote would be a good start to the post. I love quotes they are perfect for anything and they mean something different to every person but what I dislike is seeing them posted all over social media especially blogger/wordpress and Instagram. I think some that are taken of google images look tacky and to be honest it is not a good look. Although you can find some which look great and I am all for them.

Christmas is nearly here and I am so excited it really is going to be great! Although I have not starting Christmas shopping yet. Yes I know it is bad but I have been so busy working I have not had any time at all to do anything not even buy my cards which I PROMISE you I will do on Wednesday.

Can you tell me where 2015 has gone? This year has flown by and it only seems five minutes when I was celebrating my 23rd birthday in January! At the beginning of the year I was still plodding along at Next and started applying for jobs, it look me ages to finally get something and I handed my notice in whilst being at the doctors surgery 4 weeks. I could not wait to leave Next, finally a new beginning in my life was finally happening and being a receptionist was what I always wanted to be and it is even more impressive when I say 'I'm a Medical Receptionist rather than a 'Stockroom/Sales Assistant'. After being at Next for 4 years It was time for me to do something else and I wanted to be something more than what I was already doing. I am 3 months in my new job, well nearly 4 soon and it really has gone so fast and I have learnt so much already. I love it. That was my goal for 2015 and yes it took till August however I did it and was so surprised when I got an email saying got the job.

I cannot remember how blogging came about, I was and still am obsessed with reading people's blog and YouTube video's and thought it would be cool start my blog on Vintage as I love everything about it. Plus it's so much different then blogging about beauty and fashion which so many people do! I wanted to be different. Then a month later in February lottieslott was born. I have loved every minute of it, it's something that I have created and I get to share my love of Vintage to you all! I have had times when I thought I am so busy, how am I supposed to post two a week because I hate it when some bloggers hardly post and then you wonder why they have it at all. I guess you could say the same about Instagram too. Since blogging my Instagram followers have grown so much to the point I had 100 and then of all a sudden 300 then it went crazy and I cannot thank you all enough! I love posting different retro pictures on there and since I began my blog I met another vintage blogger that is also from my hometown which is just so unreal but amazing at the same time! She so lovely.
It has also been great following people on Instagram, twitter and tumblr who love the things I am interested too such as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, The Beatles.

Since my love of George Harrison began a few months ago I was on YouTube watching a video of The Beatles music video 'A Hard Days Night' and absolutely loved it. I then found out they did a video, it took me a month ago actually to order it off amazon but it was amazing. Defintely worth it if your a Beatles fan like myself.

New Beginnings
December is now upon us and its pretty scary to think another year will be soon oven. Lots of people have New Year Resolutions I however have not had any apart from last year mine was to get another job which I have succeeded in doing. I would like to still be happy and loving my new job. I say that but I am 100% that will still be the case as so far I am enjoying it so much and have learnt so much in nearly the 4 months I have worked there. Over the last few months I have noticed a lot of change in viewers and its a great feeling. I do not know how it happened its a pretty unreal feeling but it makes me happy that your enjoying my blog. That is why I started it, I would love to continue to blog I cannot imagine not blogging. It is something that I look forward too when I have my time.

When December approaches I start thinking about my birthday and how I will be 24 in January which scares me as I have never been in love or had a boyfriend. I've never been one of those girls that has been popular where they have boyfriends all the time. That has never bothered as I'd rather meet the guy I'm going to marry now then have lots of boyfriends and then find him. When you look back it doesn't look great and hopefully I'll somehow find someone next year, sooner the better. Nothing stays the same forever.

I love you all, Thank you so much for continuing to read Lottie's Lott. It means so much that you love what I love! xxx

Thank you all for reading this lifestyle post of mine. I thought it was a perfect thing to do since 2015 is coming to an end and a new year is approaching very quick!

Love Lottie x


A Tribute to George Harrison #QuietBeatle

George Harrison; 1943-2001
Today is a sad day for everyone who loved and shared their live with George Harrison. What an incredible man he turned out to be. It was 14 years ago to this day on 29th November 2001. George had traveled to the United States for treatment and eventually landed at the UCLA Medical Centre in Los Angeles. He died on November 29, 2001 at a friends house in LA with his wife and son at his side.

 Ringo, Paul and George 2 weeks ago before he died. This most of been the saddest time and no words can express how they felt. They joked and reminisced about Beatlemania, all that is missing is John.

This tribute was just to post lots of different pictures of him during his life, even though they are all from his Beatle days but I still love him. I actually did a blog post a while ago on George, go check that out if you have not already.

I am currently posting images of George's life on my twitter, instagram and tumblr. 

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