Sunday, 20 December 2015

The Christmas Post

Christmas is the most magical time of the year right?! When Halloween, Bonfire Night and Children in Need is over. Everything from adverts to shops is Christmas and I love it. Shoppers go crazier every year to the point where they start Christmas shopping in September/October time which is just unreal to think about it. I guess its a pretty good idea in one way but then none of the shops have anything Christmasy in. I usually start my shopping in the middle of November/December and that has been the same this year too. Luckily for myself I did not have to buy a lot and its great when you can go half's on Christmas presents with your friends especially when some people are not sure exactly what they want. Family presents were not too much either because my parents did not want a lot and I did not have a lot of money to buy lots of different presents, sometimes its not necessary to do that and I believe that some people just think one present is fine! People can go over the top buying so many presents for your family members. I worked in retail for 3 and a half years but I left Next this year in September and it was a good feeling as I hated working over Christmas, I was always ill and it ruined it for myself and my family! It happened last year on Christmas Eve when I was about to start work and I woke up with the biggest headache I have possibly ever had, it eventually went but then started again later on in the afternoon. In fact, the majority of staff were ill, I came down with cold and lots of staff members had a sickness bug or they had a temperature. It was the Next bug! The day after Boxing Day was the worst but I powered through and by 7.00pm I went home, I used to hate working during Christmas, it ruins it. I always used to have to bring a change of clothes on Christmas Eve as I was meeting my family after for food and drinks which I loved but it was a rush getting changed! So happy I do not get to do anything like that again! Fallen lucky as I will not be working by usual shift at my new job because the doctors surgery closes at 6pm which is when I usually start. So this year I am off for the 3 days and then the day after Boxing day and back on the Tuesday which is a fabulous feeling! I really do feel sorry for all retail workers, I do not understand why shops open on Boxing day, Boxing day for me is all about having family over and watching Christmas films and eating food. It is certainly not about going around the sales!

I loved the excitement of Christmas growing up, my sister and I used to absolutely love it going down on Christmas morning and seeing what Father Christmas had got you. That is what every child looks forward too and the parents seeing their faces as their children are unwrapping the presents and learning about the Christmas story, going to church and singing Christmas Carols. I love listening to Christmas songs they make you feel jolly inside and when you hear them you know Christmas is on its way! December has flown by this year! The weeks have gone so fast to the point that Christmas Eve is on Thursday which is 4 days away, I cannot believe how fast it is approaching! Last Saturday night I went to a work Christmas party at the York Racecourse. It was so good, I never really been to a proper works Christmas do before. The York Racecourse is massive, they have so many different suites for functions and apparently it was the biggest night ever! Lots and lots of Christmas work parties like mine turned up at the doors, all in lots of big rooms. We were sat on a rectangular table which was slightly annoying as you can only talk to the people who were sat next to you and opposite you. A round table would have been so much better. We had a 4 course meal which was delicious, a choice of starter which I chose Chicken and Duck it was just right and so tasty. Then we had broccoli soup, we then went up for our carvery.. by then I was full but left some run for desserts. I was loving the food that much I forgot to take any photos however I did manage to get a couple of photos with the girls. Here is my favourite from the night.

Lynne, Dawn and I

I wore a dress of my sisters which fitted perfectly and I love how the dress had lots of lace at the top.
I like black dresses but I like them to have detail in because just a plain black dress can be very dull especially when it is got dressed up. I wore my Zara leather jacket which I adore, it was the first one I tried on and fell in love with it! It was around £20-£25 which is really good for Zara and not forgetting my shoes, They were from Dorothy Perkins and my first heel, I am 5ft11 so I have never worn heels before purely because I am tall and they make them so high I'd look like a giant! Well these were the perfect height for me even though I did feel so much taller they looked great and I was so pleased with them! I was able to dance in them which was a bonus for me! It was such a fab night and It was definitely something I'd love to go too again next year! 

Every year we get a real Christmas Tree and it makes our living room smell amazing and it makes me even more excited for Christmas.

What are your plans for Christmas? I hope you all have a fab time whatever you are doing for it!

Lottie x

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