Sunday, 3 January 2016

Happy New Year Post I 2015 to 2016

I wanted to say a Happy New Year to you all and I hope 2016 is good to you. 2016, its crazy to think that another year has flown by. I mean where are these years going? 2015 flew by so fast to the point where it got half way through the year and thought wow soon it will be Christmas and I honestly felt that I had still so much to prove to myself. I never make New Year resolutions but at the end of the 2015 I decided to actually set some goals for myself/things I would like to accomplish for 2016. Last year I had the challenge to get a new job. I began in January just doing the same thing until it finally accured to me in March that I needed to change my life. Its embarrassing really to think that I actually did not do any job hunting for the first couple of months when looking back I should have done and probably I would not have my parents hassling me about it. I knew I had to do it but I then found a new interest a long side 'looking for a new job' blogging. It was in the middle of February when I created 'Lottie's Lott' and what an amazing thing it was to do. I had been reading people's blogs such as Sprinkle Of Glitter and Zoella and actually loved what they did. Even though my idea was completely different and I did not want to by the same old beauty/fashion blogger. I came up with the idea of Vintage Fashion and Old Hollywood Stars, I thought 'great this is going to be perfect'. It took a few attempts to actually make (what I would call) a good blog post. Thinking about the content and how to make it interesting for people to read. When I thought yes I have it, I became more confident in researching new things and finding about more Old Hollywood Stars that I came across through Instagram. So inside of me just focusing on Marilyn and Audrey, I found out about Lauren Bacall and the Queen of pin ups Bettie Page. 

My blogging began better and by this time half way through 2015 I had completely changed my Instagram. Thinking back to what it used to be makes me question myself as to why I thought it was okay to have so many quotes and meaningful things. Quotes, not just any old quotes, ones that really that I thought 'no I have to get rid of them I had about 1000 posts and I started following so many different accounts and people would have tons of amazing photos of Old Hollywood, the fifties era which I absolutely loved. In the end I began to delete all the photos and started posting different Old Hollywood Stars and pictures from the 50s. This is when I noticed a real change and people loved my posts that much they followed me. I still today have so many people who began following me last year. Through blogging I met a lovely girl from York also and that was great. She is a proper vintage lady, she dresses and even does the hairstyles! I met her twice last year and hopefully we can do the same this year. Whilst all of this was going on I was feeling so down in myself about going to work because I really was sick and tired of being there, doing the same old thing and I hated it. There was no opportunity to progress further and no permanent extra hours, I could not do 8 hours anymore.
I was going for interviews at a few retail places and was not getting anyway. Out of the blue this job appeared on the NHS website and I applied but did not hear anything so I thought 'I probably had not got the job'. A week before I was going to go on holiday with the family in July, I received an email from this company and they wanted me to go for an interview on the following week which happened to be the day before I was going away. When that day came all I was really bothered about was making sure I had packed everything. I remember my dad driving me there and when I had my interview there was two people! Oh great, baring in mind I absolutely hated interviews. They asked me lots of different questions for the position of a Medical Receptionist and I thought I had done not bad, they seemed to like what I was saying. It was only 10 hours but it was so much more than I was doing at Next. Something different and I felt pretty good about it when I finished. Now I could relax and look forward to my holiday.

A week later when we had finally arrived back in the freezing cold England. I was able to check my messages and I received an email saying ' I GOT THE JOB' I was sat in the car thinking to myself 'Am I reading this right?!' and so I just so of blurted it out to my parents and sister and could not believe it, that I had got the job. It was so surreal I could not explain, My family was so pleased for me and it was the best news ever after being away! I thought 'YES I have finally done it!' On January 10th this month I would have been there 5 months which is insane to think about it. It really has flown by, well the first 4 weeks flew by to the point where I decided to finally hand in my notice at Next. I could not wait to leave. Sad to say goodbye to my friends but then I would still see them so that was a bonus.

In September last year I had another Instagram clear out but it was not a massive one like before, I was just having a bit of change as I came across the 60's and I fell in love with that era. Yes the fashion icons such as Twiggy and Pattie Boyd who I love and are so popular today. I also am a huge fan of The Beatles as a few of you will probably already know. So this meant today my Instagram is full of Vintage pictures and a few pictures of my Vinyl Collection too.

Christmas came and flew by as it always does, it was great this year! Firstly I was not ill which just made it 20 times even more amazing and I no longer had to work Christmas Eve or Boxing day.
I loved the fact of not getting up at 5am in the morning, it was the best feeling. To top it off I ended up having the week off, because last Monday was a bank holiday!

So 2016 is finally arrived and I made a few goals this year. I want to keep blogging and keep trying to make it better than last year. Next month (February) will be my blog's anniversary which I cannot get my head around how quick it has come. I want to keep loving my job, keep learning and enjoying it. Of course I'd love to work full time. I'll probably may have another job hunt later on through the year as that is what I want to be doing. But at the mean time its the experience that I need so for now I'm quite happy to be at the surgery. I'd also love to meet new people whether they are from the blogging community or just in general. I'd also like to think this is my year so start dating a guy (I really hope so) I'll be 24 this month.

I guess this is the end of this long post but I really wanted to express a tiny bit of 2015 in here.
How did 2015 treat you and what goals do you want to achieve from 2016?

Lottie x

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