Sunday, 23 July 2017

Lets Talk About Imagine The Vinyl By John Lennon

So today It was a happy vinyl day for myself and with it being the first vinyl of 2016 of course I had to buy 'Imagine' by John Lennon. I had previously seen the vinyl in HMV (yes that is why I buy all of my records) in December last year and I could not buy it purely because Christmas was coming up and I was not going to buy anything like that until I got paid in January. It is nearly my birthday and even though I should of waited I did not. 

1. I have not been paid yet.
2. I love buying vinyls.
3. I just can't help myself.

I will see I did have enough money to last time till the end of the month so it was absolutely fine.
After being in this week I had narrowed it down to two, Imagine and Rubber Soul which is by The Beatles. I still have not finished collecting them all yet, but when I saw there were two Rubber Soul records and one Imagine I thought 'that is it, I must have Imagine! That was that, my mind was made up and I went away with it. 

I only new two songs on the record, I bet you can guess which ones? Imagine of course and Jealous Guy. They are two of my favourite John Lennon songs. I listened to the first side about 4 times, over and over again. That is what I loved about listening to CD's you could follow the words and just keep playing that side over and over until you lost the world to live. Now I do the same with my vinyls, 
even when I just play one of my mums old LP's. Before I got my record player I played the same songs all the time on my iPhone, actually I tell a lie, I still do!

It is that kind of vinyl you can play all the time and you will not get bored, I mean how can you not get bored of John Lennon's voice. Gosh he is amazing. Defintely was 100% worth it and I am so pleased to finally have that as part of my vinyl collection. Happy Charlotte! 

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Lottie x


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