Sunday, 23 July 2017

Imagine you were... John Lennon


You had a vintage car.

You were John Lennon.

You had an iMac.

Today's post really is a chatty one. I guess it came about the other day and Its been in the back of my mind for a while but I thought 'its okay, It will go away' and it really has not. To be honest, it did not matter to me because I was loving my 'happy place' and people seemed to be loving it too. Why am I rambling on about nothing? Yes that is probably what your thinking.

I was going to stop using blogger. No I was not going to stop blogging but I was going to get Wordpress, well I actually did. I was in the process of setting my account up and then I thought I'm going to have start all over again. I've put so much effort and time with my posts and I did not want to have to try and re write them again. I just wanted a new design for my blog, when I created 'Lottie's Lott' I was searching on blogger for the perfect blog design, I wish there was better ones but people create there own if they are lucky enough to do it for a living. I managed to find one that I thought was right for my blog and I still love it and always will. I guess I just wanted something a little more 'ooh la la' and it grabs peoples attention.

I'd prefer my blog to be like a proper website name  such as now that would be good. Its a dream that I have and I would love to get there. One day! You never know what could happen I guess, but those sort of things don't seem to happen to me. If you go from just being a YouTuber to a blogger of course you have the money, the time and people to help you design something that people are going to love. People like that have more of an advantage and to people like myself who just started from scratch. I also think that beauty and fashion bloggers have more of an advantage and nowadays there are so many! I have a huge passion for different types of bloggers like vintage, travel, food etc. Do not get me wrong I love fashion and beauty bloggers, you can't beat Zoe Sugg, Tanya Burr and Louise Pentland I believe without those girls blogging in general would not be where it is today.

I will be back soon with a Vintage post which I know you will love!

Lottie x


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