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#MondayMotivation Post

A Monday Motivation Post? This is different for my blog and you would be right because it truly is.
I wanted to switch things up a bit because usually when you think #MondayMotivation there is usually a quote or two behind it. Well not this time. I wanted to have a Marilyn and Audrey post because I have not had one in absolutely ages, months and months ago! I also figured seeing images of Marilyn and Audrey were my Monday Motivation. It does not matter what type of build you are. any woman in the world can relate to these pictures and think to herself 'Oh I'd love to have the body of Audrey' and to be honest if you work hard at hitting the gym, eating healthy food then of course you can! But anyway I'll leave that side to someone else and now lets just concentrate on the pictures shall we? Where shall I begin? 

I chose these two Old Hollywood Stars as they are my favourite's, I say favourite's but how cannot I not forget about Rita Hayworth, Lauren Bacall and Sophia Loren! They are all my woman crushes everyday.

This was an unusual post of mine apart from the Vintage side to it of course. I hope you are all having a fabulous day! I know Monday's aren't the best of days for the majority of people but I quite enjoy it because I love being able to start a new week and by having a new week means 99% of the time Monday is going to be a good!

Lottie x

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