Wednesday, 15 May 2019

The Chatty Lifestyle Post From 2015!

I'm absolutely loving having this week off, don't get me wrong it feels weird not being at work because its the first holiday I've had since starting my new job 6 months ago! Its really nice though to have some time to myself and to enjoy being off with my mum. It is half term in the UK at the moment so all the schools are off which is brilliant because town is full of people. That is the only part that I hate about it and of course there are tourists everywhere in York. To be fair I don't blame them but you just can't get anywhere! So yesterday when my #MondayMotivation Post went live last night I thought do you know what I'm going to try and blog as much as I possibly can this week. I only realised just now (whilst writing this post) that this is my 71st blog post. How did this happen? I have no idea but somehow I've managed to do 11 posts since my 60th which for me was a big deal, well saying that so was 50. What am I like?! Anyway, this post is going to be a chatty one as I feel I have not really done one of these posts in absolutely ages and I'm so in the mood too. I also just got back from the gym and had the best workout and breakfast earlier! Me at the gym? Really? Yes I really like it, I've only been a few times but love it. I've never wanted to go the gym before purely because I just felt self conscious about myself working out. I don't really know why I think its because (and I'm guessing here) I'm tall and slim and don't get me wrong I love being tall and slim but sometimes I feel a bit self conscious about being at a gym and getting fit when I don't need to loose weight or anything but just being healthy, getting the exercise that my body needs and having a toned stomach or at least trying too! To be fair I actually see so many people with the same body build as myself so it definitely makes me feel 10 times better and now I really aren't bothered. It does not matter what body you have, everyone can go the gym for different reasons! 

Here is a picture of my Blueberry Pancakes that I had at David Lloyd Gym earlier for breakfast! It was delicious and was so ready for it too!

It makes you feel so much better after ordering something like this when you know you've done some exercise! I ate it all of course and I thoroughly enjoyed it after having a lovely latte with it. It was such a great start to my morning!

It must be such a great thing to be able to start your day off by doing exercise even if that is just getting up for a run or going to the gym. So many people these days will go the gym and then go off to work. I don't know how you could do that unless you worked in an office. I just would not be able too I don't think! I suppose if your body is used to that then why not?!

Have any of you got Pinterest? That is a silly question because I bet the majority of you have it.
I know so many people especially bloggers that have it and its such a great way to get inspired by anything. Well I had got it a couple of years ago and thought it was amazing and used to 'pin' pictures everyday and then all of a sudden I stopped using it and deleted my account. Yesterday I was having a bit of a 'non Instagram day' I just could not seem to find anything that made me think 'wow I want to post you onto my feed' I was chatting to one of my followers and she mentioned about Pinterest so I ended up reactivating my old account and started using it again. I found the best photos and I wanted to share a couple of pictures with you.

Two Friends Stars Matt Le Blanc and Jennifer Aniston, I just loved how young they both looked back when they started filming friends and the picture at the bottom, such a beautiful pair of shoes. I also love how cute the socks look too! The modern vintage twist. Pinterest is such a great app, its free too so it doesn't cost you a thing and its so easy to use too! You can get any sort of pictures on there, if you have not got it I recommend that you check it out! Its great to post pictures on your social media accounts such as Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr!

I hope you all having a lovely week whether your working, on holiday like myself or enjoying the half term holidays. I hope you enjoyed this chatty post, I just was in the mood to sit down and type, it also helped because I went to the gym today. I'm planning on going on Thursday too.

Blog Lovin' as you probably know is an app that you can download free where you can follow your favourite blogs and you get notified when someone who your following uploads a new blog post.
Its actually such a great idea! I think all bloggers seem to have it like myself!

Lottie x


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