Monday, 28 March 2016

Keep Instagram Chronological

Hello everyone and I hope you had such an amazing Easter - spending time with family and eating lots of chocolate! Well today this is my 80th post which is just beyond crazy, it feels like forever since I was blogging about my 50th post!

I had planned this post on something completely different but I decided to change it at the last minute on Instagram. I do apologise to you all especially the ones who don't have Instagram or hardly use it.
It is something that Instagram have decided to change and its going to happen tomorrow. As many of you will know who are bloggers or just people that have an account that your feed will be changing and they have decided that Instagram will have have the best posts on your feed which I find annoying and I really don't get why they have to change it just because millions of people use the app! Of course so many people like myself are NOT happy with it and everyone has been using the hash tag #KeepInstagramChronological and saying to their followers to tap where the three dots are on your account and click on Turn on Notifications if you like the person's posts.

By doing this it means people will get notifications when you post so people can then go and like it or leave a comment which you usually do. Its annoying for those people like myself who either are a part time blogger or even a full time blogger or even just someone who has lots of followers.
It could mean that our followers won't like our posts because their feeds will have other posts on them.

I even put this in my Instagram bio - to tap the turn on notifications please. Its really stupid and the only reason why they are doing it because Instagram is so popular and they will be making lots and lots of money.

Do you agree with Instagram or like myself who doesn't?

Apparently there will be an update so people are saying please don't update and make sure you turn on the notifications to your favourite accounts!

Thank you for all the support and to everyone who does follow me on Instagram. I hope you continue to enjoy my posts and keep following me.

Lottie x

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