Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Reflecting on April

Each time I write this post I always keep thinking to myself another month has nearly gone. I like to write these posts just before the month ends purely because I like to have the post live on my blog usually at the beginning of the new month or on the last day of the previous month. Well in England where I live, the term 'April Showers' really has become true this month. No joke, I think I even mentioned last month in March that we had lots and lots of rain. But I mean this time is completely different. I lost count on how many times I am/still wearing my winter coat. Its been cold, thunder, hail stones and lightning.. pretty much every day! It has not stopped. On the day I am writing this post the sun is finally out and it is becoming to feel like Spring! I have even been able to wear my new trainers I bought from Topshop and my Bomber Jackets too!

This month has been a lot of fun spending time with one of my close friends who I do not get to see a lot of now I have a different job. Plus its the only time we can sit down and go to Wagamama's too.
So a good catch up, eating Ramen's is the best and of course the shops! We both love going to Lush purely just to see if they have any new bath bombs instore. A couple of weeks ago when we went I ended up buying a bubble bar called Cream Candy. Its a gorgeous pink colour and has the such a pretty flower in the middle. Its the perfect thing if you like sweet things and I am guessing if you are also a lush fan then you must have already tried it! I absolutely loved it, it made the bath smell and look incredible. Its definitely worth your money!

If you have been reading my blog since last year or the last few months you will know that I love The Beatles and I am still collecting their vinyls. So I recently bought 'The White Album' which I had been wanting for a month now and was so happy to buy it 2 weeks ago. It made my day and when I got home I could not wait to play it! It is such a good album.

Blogging has been going quite well this year! I am so pleased how you all seem to loving it.I have been getting so many reviewers from the USA which is rather exciting! I have said this many times but I just want to thank you all for taking the time to read my blog it means so much and I am so happy that you are enjoying it! This is what I wanted it to be about.

I've also been speaking to a such a lovely sweet girl from the Neverlands recently, I follow her on Instagram and she wears 40 style dresses unfortunately she does not have a blog but to be honest I really think she would love doing it and so what people reading it too! I certainly would! Speaking of social media I have been thinking about deleting my Facebook account because I do not use it at all apart from looking through to see what vintage pictures there are. Facebook is not like it was back in 2009 where everyone had either moved from Bebo or Myspace to connect to their friends, put ridiculous statuses about what they were doing every 2 seconds. Thank goodness I had sense and it not do that. I love Twitter and I always use that, Its definitely helped me with my followers on my Blog Lovin account and even on my Instagram.

Lottie x

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