Saturday, 2 April 2016

Reflecting on March

Can someone please tell me why 2016 is literally flying by! Its already the middle of March! These weeks are going so quickly its crazy! I cannot believe I am writing another one of these series of posts. I hope you like them. I really am enjoying writing them and being able to share with you how I feel each month has been for me. I am sorry about the Spice Girls picture I just couldn't resist it.
March is the month where everything is blossoming, the smell of fresh grass, the pretty flowers, the weather is changing, your wardrobe is changing and you can start and sit out in the garden. I don't know about you guys but in the UK it started snowing at the beginning of the month and where I live we haven't had any snow at all! It laid unfortunately but it soon went a few hours later! Oh and its just been one of the months so far where its raining constantly. Although last weekend (baring in mind I'm writing this just before Easter) the sun was so lovely I ended up wearing my leather jacket I got which was so good! Finally we are starting to get some nice weather. Anyway enough about the weather.. lets get on with this post!

Overall March has been a good month for me, I have now been at my job 7 months! Every month I keep saying how fast it has been and I think its because I love it so much. Its never a dull moment when your a receptionist at a doctors surgery and its constantly busy 24/7. I mean of course you have those quieter days but its still steady and you have still have people coming in for medication that always keeps you busy! I feel like last months reflective post I rambled on about work and I then realised it probably would not have been so interesting for you guys to read although if you did I am glad. Blogging this month has been pretty great actually and I feel pretty pleased that I've been able to publish a few really good posts for you all! You know what I may not be an successful blogger who gets crazy amount of views but I just love posting things that I enjoy and hopefully you all enjoy too.

I do find when I'm not working every day I can sit down and think of ideas and once that blog has been completed I like to then start another If I can. I just love having at least 3 posts waiting to be published. That was what I was doing on my week off in February and it was great! Recently that has not been the case I am afraid, I know Its been a week usually since I upload another post and the same has happened this week but thank you all for sticking by me.

I have been getting so many followers on Twitter and I do not have a massive number but to be honest I really are not bothered. I do not care about having the least amount of people following my Twitter. I know so many people who don't have it or don't like it. I used to be that person and I know use it everyday. It is just one of those things and blogging definitely helped. I really think its such a good way to get people to notice your blog, YouTube, Instagram etc. It really helps. About a coulple of weeks ago I signed up with #TheBloggerProgramme its really easy all you do is sign up and you have a profile created for you where you can meet new bloggers and brands can send you products to try out. I signed up and realised it was probably for beauty and fashion bloggers/youtubers so I have not been using it.

Lottie x

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