Monday, 30 May 2016

May Favourites

Welcome to my May Favourites! Now If you have read one of these posts I have published before then you will know that is not a typical 'FAVOURITES' post. But you guys seemed to love my March Favourites so I thought I'd do another one.

So sit back, grab a cuppa and enjoy.

To begin with lets start with the young Betty Joan Perske also know as Lauren Bacall. How innocent and sweet does she look! Turned to be such a beautiful Old Hollywood Star!

Next, one of my favourite pictures from The Beatles - A Hard Days Night Film when they were filming it way back in the 60s! Its scary to think how time flies! 

I chose this picture because I adore the style of these women from the 60s!

One of my favourite selfies! I'm pretty sure you will have seen this on Instagram!

I have a thing about cars! Especially retro cars and this one reminds me of the one in The Great Gatsby that Leo was in!

I have been absolutely loving pictures like this. There is something about them that are inspiring and make me think 'wow'! This had to be in my May Favourites.

You may have noticed recently on my Instagram that I love posting retro home pictures. They are such an inspiration and I love this photo.

What can I say about this lady. She is a star!

I have posted this photo so many times but they are my favourite couple EVER and I'll see you all soon with a new post! I hope you enjoyed my vintage favourites.

Lottie x


Sunday, 15 May 2016

Because Who Doesn't Love Audrey Hepburn I OLD HOLLYWOOD

Good morning, good afternoon and even good evening to you all! Whatever time of day you are reading this post. I have to apologise to you all as I have not blogged in a week which is not like me at all anymore. I did a #MondayMotivation post last week and I have not blogged since, I've been busy working so I have not been able to sit down and come up with ideas and I've missed it. I had some Sunday evening time to myself and decided I was going to type away and tell you all about what I have been up too. Although I've pretty much just been working and on the evenings when I have got it, I have not felt like blogging and this has annoyed me since for the last 5 months I've been making so much time to blog because I love being able to do that and I hate not having posts up for you all and I need to start thinking about more and more ideas. I have a few planned actually so that is not too bad. I also cannot believe we are now into May! It is so crazy how this year is flying past and before you know it Christmas will be here again but anyway lets not think about that yet!! 

The other day it was Audrey Hepburn's 86th birthday and I shared a few pictures of her on my Instagram and Facebook account. She is such a beautiful and inspiring person and one of my favourite Old Hollywood Stars. I had to have Audrey in this post. 

I could do a huge blog post on Audrey but I'll leave that for another day and I'm going to be getting on DVD My Fair Lady and Breakfast at Tiffany's too which I cannot wait, massive thank you to my friend who's giving them to me because her mum is having a clear out.

Massive thank you to everyone who is reading my blog and who enjoys it! I blog because I enjoy it and I want you to enjoy what I post too and be part of  Lottie's Lott.

I also hope you have a great week and remember to always do something that makes you feel good about yourself! Its always nice to help others out. A good deed of the day.

Lottie x

Monday, 2 May 2016

Monday Motivation I Part 2


This is an extra special Monday for us all and do you know what we can enjoy it! Its time to relax, get up late and enjoy Monday. Its bank holiday today in the UK and of us Brit's its the best time.. however unless you work in retail, in the hospitality industry then you sadly will be working

Can you believe that it is Monday today! The weekend seriously flies back doesn't it? It does not matter if you work, go to school or at university, it goes by before you realise that is back to it.
Mondays, I think everybody in the world hates them. I mean it can be the worst day of the week but for some it can be a good day. MONDAY A GOOD DAY? it depends on what you do to make it a good day. I work on a Monday and I have it pretty good because I wake up between 8.00am and I don't leave till lunch time which is a bonus!

My Monday posts a couple of months ago went down amazing and I could not believe how many of you enjoyed them. I have quite a lot of viewers who are from the USA which is pretty cool to say I'm from England! I hope you enjoy this post of a few of my favourite icons from the 50's and 60's!

Monday can be a good day, yes the weekend is over but you have a fresh week to enjoy being happy and enjoy the things that you love and what to achieve from life! Enjoy everyday!

I believe that Monday can be a good day for all of us. I know sometimes I may disagree with myself but honestly it can. If you have goals that you want achieve then Monday is the perfect time to do them! Why? Because a brand new week begins for you to achieve everything you want to do out of life. That might be studying hard at school, college or university or even wanting to improve your skills at work or just being a better person. Sometimes if your had a bad weekend or you wake up feeling rubbish then you want to stay in bed but remember we can do it.

Do something today and make your Monday worth while!

I hope you all have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend, I would love to know what you get up too!

Lottie x


Sunday, 1 May 2016

The Sunday Update.

Hi everybody! Its nice to be blogging on a Sunday, I just feel so content in myself and whilst I have Frank Sinatra playing on my record player I feel so relaxed and in that bank holiday mood. If you know what I mean? I hardly ever start a post with a picture of myself but I was in the mood to share this selfie of 2014 with you guys. 

I have not sat down and blogged about anything in a while and I fancied doing an Instagram catch up with all of you. I really enjoyed doing it last time and I've been finding some amazing pictures for you all and I thought I'd share them with you. So sit back, go get yourself a cuppa and have a scroll through!

As you will probably know that love Kate Moss when she was modelling in the 90s and so how I could I not start with her or to even mention her in this post! 

My favourite Old Hollywood Glamour couple, so of course when I came across this beautiful photo it made its way into my feed and on to my blog! I love Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart.

I blogged about this lady when I created my blog and became obsessed with her. She is stunning and the Queen of Pin ups. Her face has currently been featuring on my Instagram recently and she a #womancrush to all of these people who love Hollywood!

The Swinging Sixties fashion was flawless.

You see what I mean I just cannot do a Sunday Update without the 60s being in my blog.

Here a just a few photos that I have been loving on my Instagram feed recently and of course there is so much more!

Lottie x

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