Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Reflecting on June (2016)

Is it me or is this year going so fast!? We are already in the sixth month of 2016. It only seems five minutes ago since I was celebrating my birthday in January. I love doing this type of posts but now we are in June I would just like to say.. WE HAVE FINALLY HAD SOME SUMMER! In the UK last week was ridiculous hot and that meant I was able to sit in the garden, in my shorts and enjoy the gorgeous weather! Unfortunately I did have to spend the majority of the days at work which meant wearing black trousers and a white shirt! 

Like last month June has been an interesting one and well I start to reflect on how it has been there has been some one particular highlight and that is spending lots of time with my sister. That was one thing I forgot to mention in last months review and so I had to definitely feature it in here purely because we've been doing so much together when I'm not working and I love spending my days off with my sister even if we are just at home. If you have a sibling at University then you will know exactly what I'm talking about when I say 'Its so good that she's home and finished Uni forever' that feeling is the best. I myself have never experienced university so when Fiona went I missed like so much, its so hard seeing my sister in a few weeks sometimes months especially when your so used to seeing that person at home. So of course when she came home 3 weeks ago it was (as you can imagine) the best feeling ever! I was so happy to have her back. Since she has been home I have been spending a lot of time with her, I treated her two too meals (purely because she has no money) but it was nice to have a look around the shops and have lunch together. I love having those days like that.

At the beginning of the month I was trying to get start blogging again because I had been busy working and did not have the time to sit down and plan any blog posts. Luckily though I did not miss a week so I was pleased about that, I know I am only a part time blogger but I absolutely hate missing a week for you guys. As you know I love blogging so of course when I get a spare second I like to sit and think about some good blog posts for you all. 

I hope next month I will still be continuing to blog for you all again! Lets keep it up!

Lottie x


Sunday, 26 June 2016

How I Loved Instagram All the Years Ago

I remember when I got Instagram a few years ago now but only feels like yesterday when I downloaded the app onto my iPhone and how it became something that I love. You will understand exactly what I mean if you have an Instagram yourself! I did a blog post last year about how my Instagram transformed into something that I am pretty happy with and how the vintage content that I post has somehow managed to get me to a fair few followers. It is pretty crazy to think how far my feed has come considering a used to post some random things on there such has odd quotes and far too many selfies. Looking back I just think I wasted so much time but luckily I saw sense and realised I wanted to express my love of vintage and strangely enough other people did too. It also works well for my blog and I always post a picture on Instagram of my new post so people can go and check it out if they wish.

I would never change my feed as if you have started reading my blog when I first began back in February 2015 you will know how much I love vintage, fashion and Old Hollywood Stars. It all stems from interest in the 1950's and the love of The Beatles which then got me into posting so much content on the 1960's. There I learnt so much about models from 60's like Pattie Boyd and Jean Shrimpton. I loved that so much I was able to blog about it on here and that is what I love about it Instagram and my blog is that it all connects and goes well together. When people see the name 'Lottie's Lott' on Instagram they know by looking at the first few pictures of my Instagram that I love Vintage and Fashion.

Lottie x


Sunday, 19 June 2016

Sunday Style By Francoise Hardy

Hello everybody and a happy Sunday to you all! So I have come up with a series of posts which will be published on a Sunday evening for you all to enjoy (and this is the very first one) called #SundayStyle. Now Sunday Style will be something that I will do every 2 weeks on a Sunday where I'll be showing you a different style by an icon for example Twiggy. Now today I chose to do Francoise Hardy, now I am sure you if you are a girl who loves her fashion you would have seen so many pictures of her on Instagram and Tumblr yes? I thought so. 

Francoise Hardy's style has always been a mix of minimalism with a splash of chic bohemianism. Here a just a few pictures of Hardy's style that I adore and 50 years later people are absolutely loving her style and is such an inspiration to so many people.

I hope you enjoyed this first edition of #SundayStyle and keep your eyes peeled for more posts!
Who are your favourite style icons? 

Love Lottie

Monday, 13 June 2016

The Swinging Sixties Fashion

The reason why the 60s fashion had big prints, bright colours, kitten heels and plastic jewellery was because there was so much happening in music, society, policits and morals that it was bound to happen in fashion. This was the time when the street fashion was invading the catwalk and when Bridgette Bardot went down in history for refusing Coco Chanel, who offered to dress the young generation's idol in elegant free of charge clothes, which Barbot dismissed saying ' couture is for grannies' and stuck to her unconventional fashion boutique clothes.

As you guys might know if you follow me on social media that one of my favourite fashion icons of today is the beautiful Alexa Chung. I was lucky to find some pictures of Alexa wearing 60s clothing today and how similar it is but with a different twist.

What do you love about the 1960s? I would love to hear from you.

Lottie x


Sunday, 5 June 2016

Instagram Polaroid Catch Up.

Hi everybody! Today I have an another Instagram Catch Up to show you. My favourite thing about Instagram at the moment is finding the greatest retro polaroid of some of my all time favourite icons. 

I started off Alexa Chung because I'm absolutely loving her style and Instagraming pictures of her on my feed. She is such an inspiration to people who dress Vintage or people who love Vintage but don't. She is such a style icon!

Next up there's a model who rose to fame in the 90's and she goes by the name of Kate Moss. 

Here are just of my favourite icons and their polaroid images that I love! I hope you have enjoyed this post and I will see you very soon. I am also thinking about starting some new blog material of my own so I would love to know if you have any suggestions!

Lottie x

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Reflecting on May

Welcome back to another post where I reflect on how my month is going. These posts seem to fly by and before I know it I'm blogging about the next month.. HOW IS THIS HAPPENING?! One moment where just beginning Spring and in a months time it will be SUMMER. Can you believe it because I literally cannot. How much sun has the UK had? Hardly any. Okay a couple of weeks ago it literally felt like Summer, the weather was amazing and I ended up wearing a summer dress and sandals.. but then a few days later I was back to wearing winter coats and boots. I mean seriously, how much confusing can you get.

So I began this month feeling pretty content with how things were going, even though I know deep down that I still have so much to achieve out of 2016 yet we have half way through now I've just started realising this. I say I have a lot to achieve but in reality its just a few things that would make me so much happier.

1. Friends
2. A boyfriend

Two things Charlotte? Yes two things and with both of them (especially the 2nd one) I have never been lucky. I've never had a nice group of friends, I've always met people who are either disloyal. not a true friend or school friends who I have not seen in a long time and just generally don't have the same interests with them anymore.

When I left school, I thought college would be the time for me where I would meet some new friends and that did not happen. The people were nice and I got on with them but they weren't the type of people who I would hang around with or had the same interests as me. Even when I started my Business and Administrative course in 2010 for the year, I was in a big group with girls who were not the nicest of people. That was not me.

So when I got a job at Next back in 2011 I eventually found a few lovely girls who I'm friends with now and they have become my best ones. I suppose I would love to find a bigger group of friends and one day I hope to have a boyfriend, sooner rather than later but you can never predict things like that.

As my grandmother says 'nothing ever stays the same'.

On a brighter note, every since I started working as Medical Receptionist back in August 2015, I have absolutely loved it. I work with some lovely ladies and feel like I have learnt so much too. It as to be one of the best things I decided to do. As you might have seen in some of my recent posts and especially in my #GoalsFor2016 and once I've been at the surgery for a year I'm going to start looking. I would love to finish this year knowing that I have achieved something!

Going to the gym a few times has made me realise how unfit I am and how much good is its for my body. I'm tall and slim so people seem to question as to why I need to exercise, I may not need to loose weight but I want to maintain my body-shape and exercise is good for you. I also love food so it always helps me feel so much better when I've eaten a 3 course meal and the following day I go the gym. I have definitely realised that this year I'm going to get myself a gym membership!

Blogging has slightly slacked a lot this month and I've doing my best to have time to do a blog post.
I never want to rush any post, all blog posts I feel of mine have to be right and yes it might take longer than I expected but at least when they go live for all you lovely people to see you are going to enjoy it!

That has pretty much been my month! It has been a funny old one but cannot wait to have May wit week off! Time to enjoy blogging, see friends and spent lots of time with my sister now that she has finished uni and coming home soon!

Just to let you know I will be doing a May Favourites post very soon and it should be going up a day after this one. I will be letting you guys know on Twitter and Instagram in the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled! Would not want you to miss out!

Thank you guys for reading and I hope your May was a good month for you! Feel free to leave a comment below as I would LOVE to know how yours went!

Lottie x

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