Sunday, 26 June 2016

How I Loved Instagram All the Years Ago

I remember when I got Instagram a few years ago now but only feels like yesterday when I downloaded the app onto my iPhone and how it became something that I love. You will understand exactly what I mean if you have an Instagram yourself! I did a blog post last year about how my Instagram transformed into something that I am pretty happy with and how the vintage content that I post has somehow managed to get me to a fair few followers. It is pretty crazy to think how far my feed has come considering a used to post some random things on there such has odd quotes and far too many selfies. Looking back I just think I wasted so much time but luckily I saw sense and realised I wanted to express my love of vintage and strangely enough other people did too. It also works well for my blog and I always post a picture on Instagram of my new post so people can go and check it out if they wish.

I would never change my feed as if you have started reading my blog when I first began back in February 2015 you will know how much I love vintage, fashion and Old Hollywood Stars. It all stems from interest in the 1950's and the love of The Beatles which then got me into posting so much content on the 1960's. There I learnt so much about models from 60's like Pattie Boyd and Jean Shrimpton. I loved that so much I was able to blog about it on here and that is what I love about it Instagram and my blog is that it all connects and goes well together. When people see the name 'Lottie's Lott' on Instagram they know by looking at the first few pictures of my Instagram that I love Vintage and Fashion.

Lottie x

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