Friday, 8 July 2016

June Favourites

It is that time of the month where I blog about my favourites. Although I do not do this post every month I like to do these kind of posts when I have some things that I think you would love and believe it or not but some aren't vintage!

To begin my June Favourites I would like to mention the go to lipstick I have been wearing when it has started to feel like summer and its the Mac Cosmetics Lipstick Chatterbox

The Mac Lipstick Chatterbox is classified as bright red-pink with an amplified creme finish. Although I personally feel that when you swatch the lipstick and even the bullet looks like a medium rosy pink and it is a perfect colour if you are wearing a summery outfit and you want something to brighten up your lips! However Chatterbox is a bright colour and I feel it works better on people who have a light to medium skin tone and light coloured lips. However it could also work on those with pigmented lips as along as a lip liner is used. I bought this lipstick in February so I've had it for a few months now it is one of my favourite lipsticks! I took this photo when I bought it so unfortunately it does not look as pretty as this now but the colour is just amazing and I love pink lipsticks! 

Next up is a shirt that I got from Next a while ago but it is something that I loved and I absolutely love something with a collar! In fact have of my wardrobe is full of shirts/blouses.. I am obsessed.
Now this is shirt isn't really something I'd wear in the spring or summer but it is perfect for autumn or winter and I'd definitely recommend picking up a shirt like this.

 Next up on my June Favourites is the Lush Bath Bomb The Experimenter! Now this bath bomb has been out awhile now and to be honest I've only just got it! If you are a Lush fan and your reading this thinking 'why have you taken so long in buying this' well let me tell you. I absolutely loved the design, the smell and the appearance but what put me off buying it at first was it had quite a lot of glitter on it and lets face it glitter is so messy and to get it off the bath is another story.

So when I popped into Lush a few weeks ago with my sister I saw this bath bomb and decided I'd take the plunge and buy it!

I absolutely loved using this bath bomb, now as you can see from the photo it makes a rainbow in your bath water which is just what you want in a bath bomb, perfect to relax!

I hope you enjoyed this months favourites, I may even do another one like this again! I would as always love to hear what you thought!

Lottie x
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