Saturday, 30 July 2016

Reflecting on July

Hello everybody! It is that kind of post that comes once a month where I ramble on about how my month was and I pray to god that you all enjoy and somehow find it interesting!

July is that kind of year when the weather is supposed to be gorgeous and you spent the entire month wearing summer clothes, having barbecues and just loving the weather. Now as my English readers will know that this has come true and it has been ridiculously hot to the point where so many of us have been complaining because we are all melting outside and even wanting it to rain! I know what you all might think but honestly we were not prepared for this weather and its even more crazier when you have to work in it! It should be illegal for people to work when its 30 degrees or more! I love not been at work though and being able to wear shorts, summer dresses and going outside without a jacket on! I honestly cannot believe how Summer is pretty much nearly over, yes okay August is not here yet but it soon will be and before long it will be September again! Although saying that who does not love Autumn (or as other people in other countries call it Fall). That is such a lovely time of the year however I will not be talking about that yet.

Here are some of the things that I have excelled on this month!

1. Blogging
2. Work
3. Social Media

July has been a great month for blogging I have been so organised with my posts and using my spare time to sit down and blog away. Then before I know it, by the time the second week of the month is over I then think about doing a favourites blog post and a monthly one. If I do end up doing a favourites post I always like to start doing a monthly one first because I feel they can take slightly longer although sometimes this can be the total opposite. I even came up with two new blog ideas that then became post series called Sunday Style and Style Inspirations which seem to be going down great.

Work has been going great and its even better better because I have time to blog and I love being able to do that. I do have a few extra shifts coming up so I am hoping to keep on top of my posts and making sure it will not effect my uploads, I will keep you posted if there are any changes on Twitter or Instagram! One thing I am hoping to get sorted is a full time job! I absolutely need that right now even though I love working as a receptionist but its all part time and just not what I need anymore!

A couple of weeks ago it was my sisters Graduation and had the best day it was great! I was super proud of her, she achieved something so amazing! We had a lovely meal afterwards at The Botanist in Newcastle and the food was amazing. I did post some pictures on my Instagram so make sure you check them out.

I have mentioned in this a couple of times now and did a blog post all about it but the other week I came across the website weebly,com and started making myself a new blog on there but after thinking about it a lot when I was doing it, It was going to take me so long to get all my content again which meant I would be uploading the same old posts for weeks and weeks. I did not want to that and it is not fair on you guys reading the same old posts again.

So I think when I get a full time job I can invest on buying myself a blog layout, I found a really good one which bloggers seem to use and they are round about £29 which is expensive and something I do not want to spend on yet. I am quite happy with my blog layout on here at the moment anyway.

I hope you all have a had a great month and achieved something in July that you are proud of!

Happy Summer Holidays to you all!

Love, Lottie

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