Friday, 1 July 2016

Style Inspirations Post

Now by the title of this post you may be thinking what Style Inspirations has anything to do with my blog but recently if you follow me on any of my Instagram account you would have noticed that I have started posting #StyleInspiration posts recently and I know what you might think but I just want to resure all my Instagram followers that my feed hasn't changed. In fact the only reason I started posting a few pictures of style onto my blog because I love fashion from all era's and decoration so I thought it was perfect to be able to fit this into my Vintage theme. I also think it gives people ideas on how they want to decorate their homes too or a goal to how they want to have their room when they older.

I do not often do this but I just wanted to do a disclaimer to say all the photos that have been used in this blog post are from Tumblr! 

I love how so many people can get inspired on these kind of pictures whether its how you decorate your room to the clothes that you wear. I bet there are thousands of people who do this right? That is what is so good about Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram.. you can get even get baking tips or even food bloggers are now posting their recipes up on there for everyone to enjoy! I have now become that person where I have started to post a few on my Instagram of these kind of style inspirations and I hope you all enjoy it. I am not sure if its just a phase but at the moment I am enjoying it and quite a lot of people who follow me seem to be.

Two weeks ago I published a new blog post series called #SundayStyle and since I thought about making a new blog post series for you all to enjoy I am thinking about perhaps making this one into one. I have not really thought a lot about yet, It all depends on whether you guys what to read things like this on my blog.

Like #SundayStyle series I have created I won't be publishing them every Sunday, its going to be going up every 2 weeks on my blog and I thought if you liked it I could possible do something similar to that.

Thank you all for reading it means so much that you enjoy my posts just as much as I love to blog about them.

Lottie x
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