Monday, 11 July 2016

Style Inspirations - What I Would Want To Wear

Hi everybody and welcome back to another Style Inspiration post which I am pleased to say went down a treat with you guys and I cannot thank you enough! So as promised here is another one called What I would want to wear. Now this series is all about certain styles that you might have seen on clothing websites, Instagram, Tumblr or even Pinterest. 

A quick disclaimer to just say these pictures that are featured into today's post are from Tumblr! 

I do not know about you guys but I absolutely adore these pink trousers and If I owned them I would be so proud to walk around in them. Something to definitely wear in the Spring and Summer I mean wouldn't you not say so? Seeing these trousers takes me about a few years ago now to 2011/12 when I purchased some pink skinny jeans from Topshop which I loved. I always used to wear them when the weather started to get warmer. Unfortunately a couple of years ago I had to throw them away but I had some happy times wearing my jeans. Everything about this photo is something I would love to wear!

Now this photo is so dreamy, flawless and I need the entire picture in my life, the clothes and the car.
Beautiful really!

Both of these photo's I love so much, I cannot really explain how stylish they are and how I would love to own the entire outfit! 

Now these last three pictures I'm going to show you I also adore? I do not know how many times I keep wanting to say that word. 

I hope you all have enjoyed my second blog post of my series 'Style Inspirations'!

Lottie x

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