Friday, 26 August 2016

Blog Fresh

My oh my! How long have I been waiting for this today to actually come true. Well today it finally happened and I gave my blog a first brand new look and I am very happy with it. A few months ago I came across this website that I found on Twitter called Pipdig and I had a look through and found some lovely templates or blog designs. Majority of them are about £29 so because blogging is not my job I had decided to just buy myself one when I get a full time job and that was that.

However a couple of days ago I went back onto this website and feel in love with this one particular blog design and decided 'do you know what, I'm going to do it.' My blog was ready for a design and I was going to make it look 10 times better than it did do before. The best thing about Pipdig is once you have purchased the template you then get the option if you want them to install your templete for you and so I did. It takes 2 days and then you get a email to say that it is all complete and then I added some final touches to it and it was all up and running. I wish I had done it sooner to be quite honest but I am so happy with it now and I also hope you all like the new look.

So many things have changed since Pipdig installed my blog design..

1. I have a complete smart and chic look.
2. I can finally be proud of my blog.
3. I now have all my social media links on my blog.
4. I seem to be getting more views which is even better.

Overall I am very happy and would like to thank Pipdig again for making my blog look something to be proud of and I hope you love it too! Make sure you let me know what you think!

Lottie x


Sunday, 14 August 2016

The Perfect Eggs Benedict Brunch

I never thought I would be doing a full post on something on something foodie and what I should leave to the professionals. However I really loved this meal and I do apologise to all the food bloggers out there who I have been doing it for years! (Please forgive me) 

The thing I have been loving so much recently on Tumblr and you may have seen these pictures featuring in my blog post series Style Inspirations that contain some dreamy kitchens and decoration that is perfect, I mean some could say that they are flawless! I think everyone dreams of having kitchens like this and I suppose one day they could come true and you can spend money making them look some what like this and then using it to your advantage and making lots of food and even taking a cheeky little Instagram. I know its very clique but so many people these days do unfortunately because thats what the world is like and you use social media then you can totally relate. I even cannot help myself some times and I think what life used to be like without Instagram. It is so hard to imagine and even though Instagram has not been around that long there is never going to be the day when you will be waking up listening to that Dean Martin song which I love and saying 'How do you like your eggs in the morning'? when you have just made the perfect eggs and all you want to do is take a picture and shout it out to everyone! 

I am 100% sure than a few food bloggers that have been blogging for a long time could even have the money OR be extremely lucky enough to be able to have a kitchen built. Some people do not know how opportuntities like that can change your life forever and even just having parents that can afford things like that! Its mind blowing!

Anyway enough of me blabby on about kitchens, lets get on with this post!

So in the beautiful city of York where I live I have been wanting to go this Bistro Cafe for a while now because I had walked past with my sister and saw the most delicious cakes.. I mean it was like being in Betty's but without the price tag! On Saturday I got the chance to go with the parents because they had some money to spend as they had an offer and of course I could not say no! 

The website is great to look at and it is so  detailed! I never realised but they have another cafe in Helmsey too!

I also thought this was a cute yesterday when it was outside just as we walked past!

From platters like this to breakfast, cakes, breads and sandwiches Mannion and Co offers lots of choice and even does Gluten Free! 

So I went for the Eggs Benedict with Ham and Hollandaise sauce which was so good and I even complating round two for tea. 

I hope you all enjoyed this unusal post of mine and I will see you with a new post very soon!
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Monday, 8 August 2016

Mod Monday

Hello you lovely lot! Now today's post is not a #MotivationMonday and I know so many bloggers that do these kind of posts regularly and I myself have mastered a few of these however on this occasion. I wanted to do a post about Mods I believe I have not really discussed the style, the music before in a blog post. Well here is your chance to know more about 'Mods'.

Mods are a group of people within a culture that differentiates itself from other people. It is also known as a subculture and began way back when in the 1960's and spread to other countries and today continues on a smaller. It started off in a small group in London based where stylish young men in the late 1950s who were modernists because they listened to modern jazz and then it expanded to women.

Often mods wore tailer-made suits and listened to different genres of music such as soul, ska and R&B. They rode motor scooters which were usually Lambretta or a Vespa. The original mod scene was associated with all night dancing at clubs. 

Happy Monday to you all! I hope you have a fabulous one and here is to another a week! Lets see what we can achieve!

Lottie x


Thursday, 4 August 2016

July Favourites

July Favourites

Let me start off with my only beauty favourite featuring in this post, I have only had these a few weeks but I absolutely love them and had to have them in this post. First up are the NYX Cosemetics Soft Mate Lip Cream in Antwerp I would absolutely recommend this one! Now a few months ago in the UK you could not get NYX Cosmetics anywhere until they got a make up counter in the majority of Boots stores all round the UK. I love Matte lipsticks so of course when I had a browse at the lip creams I had to try the colour Antwerp out. I was so impressed with everything about the lip cream, it leaves your lips still feeling creamy even with it dries as a Matte lipstick.

The second NYX Cosmetics Lip Cream in Addis Ababa - (When I was looking to find the link of this lip cream it unfortunately did not come up with it on Boots website for all of my English readers so I had to go onto the proper NYX website. The UK price for the lip creams are £5.50 but the US price is $6.00) I do recommend checking out your local boots store as they will probably have a NYX Cosmetics counter!
Like the other lip cream I too absolutely would recommend this colour to you! If you love pinks they you will love this one!

Like the majority of my favourite posts I tend to keep them vintage themed however recently I have been showing some lifestyle items which I thought you might enjoy and then had to bring a few beauty items too which I have been loving!

My last beauty item is an unusual one for myself as I have never even worn it before. Bronze is new to my face and I had the perfect day to wear it for.. my sisters graduation so to complete my look I popped into my local boots store in town and got Collection Bronze Glow Matte Powder Terracotta.
I did not need something too experience and so a high street product worked great for me and I was very pleased with it! If your not wanting to spend a lot of money on Bronze then I recommend this one.

Back to my usual favourite theme and I recently found some amazing black and white photos from the 1960's and of course I could not miss them out.

So beautiful and sophisticated!

Something really exciting happened on Tuesday 12th July and it was my sisters graduation!
It was such an amazing day and I had to take an outfit of the day for you all!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!
Remember you can read all about how I found July also which will be up at the same time as this post!

Love, Lottie

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