Friday, 23 September 2016

Lets Take A Trip Down Memory Lane

Today I wanted to show you a photo diary of when I modelled for my friend way back in 2011.
These pictures were taken in a beautiful wood filled with lots and lots of bluebells. I was 19 in these pictures and please excuse the 'side fringe' it was a look that was kind of going through at that time and do not seem to be wearing a lot of make up. I bought my dress from a shop called Republic, some of you guys might remember it, it actually closed down a few years ago but it used to sell some pretty things. This is something that I have not done before and I thought these pictures had to appear on my blog. A guess you could call it a trip down memory lane!

Charlotte x


Friday, 16 September 2016

What I Have Been Loving On Instagram

Hey guys! The last couple of days you might have noticed that I have not been on social media recently, by that of course I mean Instagram. It gets far too addicting and I love posting content on there every day at least! I am now officially back in the game; I'm feeling refreshed and inspired to create some good content. I mean this probably would have been better if I was not on my phone but I did not want to miss out on some fine pictures that I spotted whilst on my 'non posting spree'. I also have not one of these posts in a while and thought it would be a good idea to show you what fashion pictures I have been loving - I guess you could call it an Instagram post but without the 'catch up'.
I feel its something you have to do now and again, especially when everyone is constantly on their phone. You feel refreshed and it can be very blissful. You should try it! 

 Discliamer: The pictures into todays post are from Tumblr!

I absolutely love finding pictures like this on Tumblr or even Pinterest because you can find amazing finds of your icons such as Debbie Harry. I mean I love her; with her platinum blonde hair and her razor-sharp cheek bones. She was the first firece woman in punk rock and definied the New York look with her tough attitude and fearless style. Next of course theres some dreamy pictures of fashion and how you would wish a part of your home to look like! I certaintly would, its such a classy chic style which I love, so dreamy! 

Lottie x


Friday, 9 September 2016

I Dreamed A Dream

I love clothes. I love wearing clothes that make you feel alive. That make you feel pretty on the inside and outside. That boost your confident. That make you feel you. The feeling when you put something new on that makes you feel good about yourself, whether you are having a bad day or do not know what to wear. Even if you have not wore something in a long time, perhaps a summer dress or shoes that give your outfit the perfect finish. That is what I love about clothes. Fashion can be whatever you want, it does not have to be everyones cup of tea, whether you love a good a pair of ripped jeans or not? The choice is yours. I love trends, I love being able to express myself  in the way I want too and  Clothes should be about what you to want to wear not what society thinks. The hardest thing in buying clothes is 'does this look okay?' or what can I put this with? So people like myself sometimes just do not have a clue or they need some advice from someone else. I would love to be that type of person who picks up something and knows exactly what to wear. I want to be you. 

I have always had problems buying dresses, jeans and skirts because I'm 5ft 11. I love being tall though but I can never really buy a skirt in regular fit, It just depends how they are made really. I tend to buy my clothes from Topshop and occasionally find some great bits in Zara too! Its also the same with dresses, they either have to be in the tall section or just long in the body. Hence why I never buy clothes like that online. Now of course with jeans the best ones I get are the super skinny high wasited jeans from Topshop purely because they fit amazingly well and I am slim too so they have to fit nice round the legs which these do! In fact Topshop jeans are worth paying a lot of money for if you are like myself or just wanting to find a perfect pair of jeans. It is crazy to think how popular they are and I even got them in black because I loved them that much! I always get asked about my height; I have lost count so many times when people say to me 'Oh Charlotte, you're so tall or would you prefer to be smaller?' To be honest I don't know what its like to be small or to be any shorter than my height. I love being tall its part of who I am and my clothes that I wear fit that. I do not wear heels as you can imagine why. If I do want a pair of heels I always go for a shorter pair, I like to think myself of a model sometimes.  SOMETIMES, I 'Dreamed a Dream' because of how much I always wanted to be a model. The ammount of times I get told by my family that I look like a model or how I have the height of a model. I laugh to myself but I love being complimented like that. In fact back in 2013 when I was on holiday and a welsh man came up to me and said 'You should audition for Britains Next Top Model. I never auditioned but sometimes I wonder if I hadn't of been doing what I'm doing now maybe there could have been a chance that I could have modelled.  It will always be something that I 'Dreamed a Dream' I mean there is nothing wrong in that is there?

I hope you guys enjoyed this unsual post today - its something that I have always thought about but have not thought about persuing it to anything more. I get the feeling that if you want to be a model then the best place to be is London to get the right agency. Maybe I am wrong but the clothes that I wear, I feel 'ooh today I look and feel like a model'. I think its a height thing, if your tall like me you might feel the same or get asked the same things. 

Lottie X


Wednesday, 7 September 2016

August Favourites

Hello everybody! Now if you have been following my blog for a while you would know I do not always do a favourites post every month. Well as promised from last month I thought I would do one as a bought quite a bit of beauty and I really wanted to show you. 

Not that long ago I was putting on my make up and decided that I needed a new blush, I had been wanting one for a while and thought it was the perfect time to get one. I have been using a Soap and Glory blush called Peach Party which I absolutely love but fancied a change. So I popped into my local boots store and had a look at the Soap and Glory stand and let me tell you I did not just come out with one blush! Opps.

So this first blush was called a 'Cheeky 'Pink and I first about it whilst watching a Youtuber called Just Jodes who had mentioned it in her testing out Soup and Glory video. I had not seen it before and even though it was a bright pink colour and so pigmented you hardly need much on your brush! Its such a pretty colour and it comes with a cute little brush too.

I also love the Soap and Glory packaging, I always have! I have heard some people say it can be 'too much in your face' but I think its really not and I love how its very retro.

The second blush is called 'Twinkle Rose' and its such a pretty colour. It is still very much pigmented like 'Cheeky Pink' but it is not as bright and has a lovely shine to it.

Next up is the Soap and Glory eye shadow pallet called The Ultimate Collection and all the colours are Matte unlike the other pallet that they do. Its not too expensive and around £13 which is pretty good for a higher end drugstore product. I used to wear eyeshadow a long time ago and I saw this pallet which made me want to try the shades out!

This is the NYX cosmetics matte lip cream in called Stockholm which is very similar as the Mac lipstick 'Velvet Teddy' which is one of my favourite lipsticks to wear in the Autumn and Winter. I love these lip creams they are not drying on the lips and last for a long time!

I hope you enjoyed this beauty favourite of mine and I will be back next month with a more retro favourite post.

Love Lottie 

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Style Inspirations - That Dreamy Style

Hello everybody and welcome back to a new post on my blogging series 'Style Inspirations. Over the last couple of days I have not been posting much on my Instagram feed due to the changes that Instagram have made to their app. It has annoyed me a lot because even though I have a reasonable amount of followers (not that it makes any different)  and when I have posted pictures I have not been getting many likes that I used to do. It has been the first time that it has effected my account and I know so many people on social media have been complaining so much about it. 

So over the weekend I had a scroll on Tumblr and found the best pictures for my new Style Inspirations Post and thought you would love them and wanted to share with you just a few.

Now I am back using Instagram again and it seems to be working fine for me again so all of the pictures will be up on there! 


Sometimes I feel I should not need to use a disclaimer because if you have been reading this blog post series a few weeks ago I did mention it and just incase you have not I wanted to make it clear.

Simplicity is the best way to describe this last picture, everything about the style and decoration is just stunning. Its simple but it works and looks so good together,

Old Hollywood at its best!

Thank you all for taking a look at this post. I only shared a few pictures on here but my feed is filled with them all! 

Keep your eyes peeled for a July Favourites and Reflecting on July blog post which will most likely be up at the end of the month when this one will be too!

Love Lottie 


A Tribute to Gene Wilder

Gene Wilder born as Jerome Silberman 
June 11th 1933 - 29th August 2016
A few days ago on the 29th August 2016 we lost a genius of a man Gene Wilder to Alzheimers Disease and it was such a sad day for all of the world. Even though the beloved actor is no longer with us, his legacy lives on especially through his memorable performance in 1971's Charlie and the chocolate factory. A remember watching this film as a child and I absolutely loved it, I think every child growing up loved it. I mean how you possible not? It made me feel how a child feels when its Christnas! It will always be one of my favourite childhood films ever!

What I love about Gene Wilder was when he got the part of Willy Wonka it came with an unexpected condition.. that his character could make a wildly grand entrance. Gene was offered the role in 1970 and rather than taking it straight away he told the director Mel Stuart that he had thought of one scene that had to be included in the film in order  for him to accept the role. So Gene explained..

" When I make my first entrance, I'd like to come out of the door carrying a cane and then walk towards the crowd with a limp. After the crowd sees Willy Wonka is a cripple, they all whisper to themselves and then become deadly quiet. As I walk towards them, my cane sinks into one of the cobblestones that I'm walking on and stands straight up, by itself; but i keep on walking, until I realise that I no longer have my cane. I start to fall forward, and just before I hit the ground, I do a beautiful forward somersault and bounce back up, to a great applause. "

And to this day Wonka's grand entrance would go on to become one of the most iconic scenes from the 1971 film. Now we have Wilder, himself, to thank for it. The best part is his reasoning for wanting to include the dramatic scene: " Because from that time on, no one will know if I'm lying or telling the truth," he said.

Wilder had requested that his costume included "two laurge pockets" for his coat, sand-coloured pants and a hat that was "two inches shorter" than originally imagined. 


Thursday, 1 September 2016

Reflecting on August

Hello everyone and today is post is one that if you have been following my blog this year I have been doing a blog series called 'Reflecting on a certain month'. It does not feel that long since I was doing July. August has come so fast and summer is nearly over and it is do depressing as Winter is just round the corner. Although having said that I am so excited to Auturmn I love the season so much! I also cannot wait to Winter you know when the weather is cold and you get to wrap up warm and Christmas and its my birthday in January!

I am 25 in January which scares me so much and I really do not want to keep reminding myself how I will be nearly at 30! That terrifes me, the fact that my life is passing so fast! What happened do the days when I was 16. When you get older it goes too quick! There is so much I would love to change and so much I would love to happen.

I have never been that person who has had a lot of friends and it never really bothered me. I feel like now I'm nearly half way through my twenties (which scares me so much) life is creeping up pretty fast and some things have to change in the next few months and even in 2017.  I want remember my young days of having fun, enjoying myself with friends or with someone who I loved however that is not the case. I do not want to go to into it but it is certainly something that I hope will change very soon.

My month has not been so bad and I loved watching the Olympics! Its been amazing and so proud of Team GB we have done incredible. Last week I was on holiday I was able to watch it all day and be able to see it all instead of watching the highlights and I will defintely miss it. Bring on Japan 2020! Gosh 2020 that is so scary! 4 years does not seem that long at all and seeing the word 2020 makes me think where have the 2000's gone. It seems five minutes when it was 2008 and I had finished school.
The years have flown by and they continue. I really hope they slow down though! I have been saying in previous posts that I wanted a full time job and I have been applying for some so fingers crossed everything will go well! I hope so.

Something really exciting happened about a week ago when I recieved a lovely letter from a girl who I have been talking on Instagram and now facebook since January I would say and its so cool when you meet people on the internet who love Vintage and enjoy the same things as you. She is a wonderful friend and I could not imagine not speaking to her.

About a couple of months I embarked on a blogging series called Style Inspirations and Sunday Style which ended up going down so well and I would upload them on a Sunday and then another the following week. At the moment I have stopped doing them at the moment but dont you worry they will be back on my blog soon! 

Lottie x

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