Friday, 9 September 2016

I Dreamed A Dream

I love clothes. I love wearing clothes that make you feel alive. That make you feel pretty on the inside and outside. That boost your confident. That make you feel you. The feeling when you put something new on that makes you feel good about yourself, whether you are having a bad day or do not know what to wear. Even if you have not wore something in a long time, perhaps a summer dress or shoes that give your outfit the perfect finish. That is what I love about clothes. Fashion can be whatever you want, it does not have to be everyones cup of tea, whether you love a good a pair of ripped jeans or not? The choice is yours. I love trends, I love being able to express myself  in the way I want too and  Clothes should be about what you to want to wear not what society thinks. The hardest thing in buying clothes is 'does this look okay?' or what can I put this with? So people like myself sometimes just do not have a clue or they need some advice from someone else. I would love to be that type of person who picks up something and knows exactly what to wear. I want to be you. 

I have always had problems buying dresses, jeans and skirts because I'm 5ft 11. I love being tall though but I can never really buy a skirt in regular fit, It just depends how they are made really. I tend to buy my clothes from Topshop and occasionally find some great bits in Zara too! Its also the same with dresses, they either have to be in the tall section or just long in the body. Hence why I never buy clothes like that online. Now of course with jeans the best ones I get are the super skinny high wasited jeans from Topshop purely because they fit amazingly well and I am slim too so they have to fit nice round the legs which these do! In fact Topshop jeans are worth paying a lot of money for if you are like myself or just wanting to find a perfect pair of jeans. It is crazy to think how popular they are and I even got them in black because I loved them that much! I always get asked about my height; I have lost count so many times when people say to me 'Oh Charlotte, you're so tall or would you prefer to be smaller?' To be honest I don't know what its like to be small or to be any shorter than my height. I love being tall its part of who I am and my clothes that I wear fit that. I do not wear heels as you can imagine why. If I do want a pair of heels I always go for a shorter pair, I like to think myself of a model sometimes.  SOMETIMES, I 'Dreamed a Dream' because of how much I always wanted to be a model. The ammount of times I get told by my family that I look like a model or how I have the height of a model. I laugh to myself but I love being complimented like that. In fact back in 2013 when I was on holiday and a welsh man came up to me and said 'You should audition for Britains Next Top Model. I never auditioned but sometimes I wonder if I hadn't of been doing what I'm doing now maybe there could have been a chance that I could have modelled.  It will always be something that I 'Dreamed a Dream' I mean there is nothing wrong in that is there?

I hope you guys enjoyed this unsual post today - its something that I have always thought about but have not thought about persuing it to anything more. I get the feeling that if you want to be a model then the best place to be is London to get the right agency. Maybe I am wrong but the clothes that I wear, I feel 'ooh today I look and feel like a model'. I think its a height thing, if your tall like me you might feel the same or get asked the same things. 

Lottie X

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