Thursday, 1 September 2016

Reflecting on August

Hello everyone and today is post is one that if you have been following my blog this year I have been doing a blog series called 'Reflecting on a certain month'. It does not feel that long since I was doing July. August has come so fast and summer is nearly over and it is do depressing as Winter is just round the corner. Although having said that I am so excited to Auturmn I love the season so much! I also cannot wait to Winter you know when the weather is cold and you get to wrap up warm and Christmas and its my birthday in January!

I am 25 in January which scares me so much and I really do not want to keep reminding myself how I will be nearly at 30! That terrifes me, the fact that my life is passing so fast! What happened do the days when I was 16. When you get older it goes too quick! There is so much I would love to change and so much I would love to happen.

I have never been that person who has had a lot of friends and it never really bothered me. I feel like now I'm nearly half way through my twenties (which scares me so much) life is creeping up pretty fast and some things have to change in the next few months and even in 2017.  I want remember my young days of having fun, enjoying myself with friends or with someone who I loved however that is not the case. I do not want to go to into it but it is certainly something that I hope will change very soon.

My month has not been so bad and I loved watching the Olympics! Its been amazing and so proud of Team GB we have done incredible. Last week I was on holiday I was able to watch it all day and be able to see it all instead of watching the highlights and I will defintely miss it. Bring on Japan 2020! Gosh 2020 that is so scary! 4 years does not seem that long at all and seeing the word 2020 makes me think where have the 2000's gone. It seems five minutes when it was 2008 and I had finished school.
The years have flown by and they continue. I really hope they slow down though! I have been saying in previous posts that I wanted a full time job and I have been applying for some so fingers crossed everything will go well! I hope so.

Something really exciting happened about a week ago when I recieved a lovely letter from a girl who I have been talking on Instagram and now facebook since January I would say and its so cool when you meet people on the internet who love Vintage and enjoy the same things as you. She is a wonderful friend and I could not imagine not speaking to her.

About a couple of months I embarked on a blogging series called Style Inspirations and Sunday Style which ended up going down so well and I would upload them on a Sunday and then another the following week. At the moment I have stopped doing them at the moment but dont you worry they will be back on my blog soon! 

Lottie x

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