Sunday, 4 September 2016

Style Inspirations - That Dreamy Style

Hello everybody and welcome back to a new post on my blogging series 'Style Inspirations. Over the last couple of days I have not been posting much on my Instagram feed due to the changes that Instagram have made to their app. It has annoyed me a lot because even though I have a reasonable amount of followers (not that it makes any different)  and when I have posted pictures I have not been getting many likes that I used to do. It has been the first time that it has effected my account and I know so many people on social media have been complaining so much about it. 

So over the weekend I had a scroll on Tumblr and found the best pictures for my new Style Inspirations Post and thought you would love them and wanted to share with you just a few.

Now I am back using Instagram again and it seems to be working fine for me again so all of the pictures will be up on there! 


Sometimes I feel I should not need to use a disclaimer because if you have been reading this blog post series a few weeks ago I did mention it and just incase you have not I wanted to make it clear.

Simplicity is the best way to describe this last picture, everything about the style and decoration is just stunning. Its simple but it works and looks so good together,

Old Hollywood at its best!

Thank you all for taking a look at this post. I only shared a few pictures on here but my feed is filled with them all! 

Keep your eyes peeled for a July Favourites and Reflecting on July blog post which will most likely be up at the end of the month when this one will be too!

Love Lottie 

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