Friday, 16 September 2016

What I Have Been Loving On Instagram

Hey guys! The last couple of days you might have noticed that I have not been on social media recently, by that of course I mean Instagram. It gets far too addicting and I love posting content on there every day at least! I am now officially back in the game; I'm feeling refreshed and inspired to create some good content. I mean this probably would have been better if I was not on my phone but I did not want to miss out on some fine pictures that I spotted whilst on my 'non posting spree'. I also have not one of these posts in a while and thought it would be a good idea to show you what fashion pictures I have been loving - I guess you could call it an Instagram post but without the 'catch up'.
I feel its something you have to do now and again, especially when everyone is constantly on their phone. You feel refreshed and it can be very blissful. You should try it! 

 Discliamer: The pictures into todays post are from Tumblr!

I absolutely love finding pictures like this on Tumblr or even Pinterest because you can find amazing finds of your icons such as Debbie Harry. I mean I love her; with her platinum blonde hair and her razor-sharp cheek bones. She was the first firece woman in punk rock and definied the New York look with her tough attitude and fearless style. Next of course theres some dreamy pictures of fashion and how you would wish a part of your home to look like! I certaintly would, its such a classy chic style which I love, so dreamy! 

Lottie x

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