Sunday, 23 October 2016

Style Inspirations

Style Inspirations Blog Post Series 3

Hello everybody and welcome back to another Style Inspiration blog series and this one only happens to be number 3. I am so pleased you all enjoyed the second blog post of this series and could not resist but to do another one for you all!

Like I have done with the last two posts I just want to do a disclaimer that all these pictures featured in this post are from Tumblr!

Now usually I am not into a bedroom that is painted all white and everything in the room is white apart from the duvet but there is something about this picture that makes me thing the colour looks great and you need the right things in your room to pull it off!

There is something about this picture that makes me think how I would love to be able to learn to drive and be able to own a retro car like this one. 

This style is so dreamy, I love it.

I have never seen the pockets of the backs of a pair of jeans like this ever!
Classy, beautiful and more importantly Style Inspirations.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, all of these pictures I feel have so much style in them.
Something that I would dream of having.

Love Lottie


Friday, 21 October 2016

Current Favourite | Vinyl

What a crazy two weeks it has been! I feel like the worst vintage blogger ever. Why? Because I have not been able to do a proper blog post. I've been so busy working and getting used to my new job.. yes there is a lot to learn and I want to do the best I possible can. That goes without saying and I always put 100% into everything I do. Now that there is no overtime at work I feel like this is the best opportunity for myself to sit down and think of ideas and do different blog posts for you all, my readers. Why am I still rambling on to myself? I have no idea. 

A few weeks ago I saw on Itunes that Lana Del Rey was realising her new album and I thought this is going to be good. Even better a few days later I noticed she was releasing a vinyl and I could not wait! Last Wednesday I bought the vinyl 'Honeymoon'. It was £18.99 from the HMV store but seriously its amazing! One of the best vinyl's I have ever bought.

The vinyl cover is a summery hollywood look with Lana in a retro car. The desigh/look of 'Honeymoon' is stylish and has a 1950's theme to it. Both vinyls are a bright red, with a book of pictures and lyrics inside.

Defintely worth buying it, my favourite songs are High by the beach, Honeymoon and God knows I tried.  

You also get a book that is filled with lots of pictures with Lana and writing too.  

This record is the darkest album she has wrote. I think its my favourite too!

I hope you liked this blog post. I really hope you go and check her album on Itunes out. It's probably a good thing to o if you are unsure about buying the full album or vinyl. I however, did not do this but love every minute of it. 

It's one vinyl I'm always going to love and enjoy!!

I will be back soon with another blog post but catch up with my social media, twitter, instagram and bloglovin (lottieslott). 

Love Lottie xxx


Sunday, 16 October 2016

Sunday Style By Marianne Faithfull

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend so far - thought I would do another Sunday Style blog post today I would like to apologise as I know you all seemed to love just as as much as I did writing them. So of course I came back with a cracker... Marianne Faithfull. If your a fan of the 1960s then you wil defintely know her and she could possible be one of your fashion icons. Marianne was 'labelled' as a 60s sex symbol, she had so many relationships; she dated three of the Rolling Stones and when she was in a relationship with Mick Jagger she started having an affair with Keith Richards. Despite that, she was famous for being a singer and the clothes that she wore, her are just some of her pictures that just adore!

What I love about Marianne was her style. I feel like she knew how to dress and what she wanted to wear. She knew her clothes well and what looked good on her. I feel because she was in the public eye quite a lot she had to look 'good' or dress a certain way.

If you guys have been following me on Instagram or been reading my blog for sometime now you will know how much I love black and white pictures. So of course I had to pick out a few black and white shots of Marianne.

Lottie X

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

My Sisters Birthday - Photo Diary

Don't you just love eating out in new places? I'm sure everyone does. I love food, I mean who doesn't? Yes I live and breathe food. So of course when I heard that Joe's Kitchen had just opened in York and it was my sisters birthday coming up I just had to go! Plus the menu looked amazing and myself and my sister were looking for a place that did great breakfasts. So it seemed perfect to go to Joe's Kitchen the day before her birthday as an early celebration as we were all working on her birthday even my sister. 

We both had coffee which was lovely. I had a Flat White and my sister had a cappuccino to start the birthday celebrations off.

That was followed by myself having Red Berry Pancakes which were beautiful and my sister had a Sourdough bread with Avocado, Tomatoes and Balsamic Vingear. 

Of course we couldn't resist in having some Red Velvet Cake too.

As you can see we had such a lovely meal and then went to the cinema to see The Beatles: Eight Days A Week movie which we both loved! It is defintely worth watching and it made the day even more special.

I hope you enjoyed this post as its something I haven't really done before.

Lottie x


Sunday, 2 October 2016

Reflecting on September

Hello everyone, can I just say I hope September has been a good month for you all! Wait I am really saying this? I love September because it means Autumn is here. I love starting to wear jackets on a morning before you head out of the door, when the leaves are turning and when the nights are slowly getting dark. Well at the beginning of the month we had a heatwave in England and even though it was pretty unsual to be wearing sandals in September I was loving it. I know on social media some people were saying they were sick of summer now and just wanted to start wearing jumpers but the thing I dislike about winter is that is all you ever seem to do! However I am rather excited to start wearing my winter coat again and finding the perfect hat and scarf to go with it.

I started off September in a way which I do not think I have started any month like this before and thats sometime I have touched on in a recent blog post which you might have seen about how I took a little break from Instagram. I did not post anything in 2 days which for me strange. I always post every day. I always have and I love doing it. Something just hit me and I told myself I could enjoy not scrolling on my phone looking at pictures to upload and thinking 'what things will look good'. I had to tell myself to stop and realise that there are so much better things to do then stare at my phone constantly and so thats what I did. I had a break and I felt ready to go and came away feeling inspired to create new blog posts, new content on my Instagram feed and just a happier person. Every person now adays are always on their phones, we cannot live without them. I feel it is a good thing to just stop what your doing, delete a few of your apps and just feel what its like to not be scrolling down facebook or instagram. You should try it! It really does help.

I came up with a really good idea on my latest blog post I Dreamed A Dream which is something I have never spoken about before. You might have seen images of myself that I have posted which fits in with what I wanted to address and talk to you about. In fact you may have seen the post already and I am really happy with how so many of you seemed to enjoy it.

You may have seen these pictures of myself in a blog post called Memory Lane recently and its a photo diary which I love the idea off and used to do a few of those posts on here a while back.

I hope you all have had a good September! I cannot believe its nearly Christnas, how scary is that! This year has gone so fast!

Lottie x

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