Sunday, 2 October 2016

Reflecting on September

Hello everyone, can I just say I hope September has been a good month for you all! Wait I am really saying this? I love September because it means Autumn is here. I love starting to wear jackets on a morning before you head out of the door, when the leaves are turning and when the nights are slowly getting dark. Well at the beginning of the month we had a heatwave in England and even though it was pretty unsual to be wearing sandals in September I was loving it. I know on social media some people were saying they were sick of summer now and just wanted to start wearing jumpers but the thing I dislike about winter is that is all you ever seem to do! However I am rather excited to start wearing my winter coat again and finding the perfect hat and scarf to go with it.

I started off September in a way which I do not think I have started any month like this before and thats sometime I have touched on in a recent blog post which you might have seen about how I took a little break from Instagram. I did not post anything in 2 days which for me strange. I always post every day. I always have and I love doing it. Something just hit me and I told myself I could enjoy not scrolling on my phone looking at pictures to upload and thinking 'what things will look good'. I had to tell myself to stop and realise that there are so much better things to do then stare at my phone constantly and so thats what I did. I had a break and I felt ready to go and came away feeling inspired to create new blog posts, new content on my Instagram feed and just a happier person. Every person now adays are always on their phones, we cannot live without them. I feel it is a good thing to just stop what your doing, delete a few of your apps and just feel what its like to not be scrolling down facebook or instagram. You should try it! It really does help.

I came up with a really good idea on my latest blog post I Dreamed A Dream which is something I have never spoken about before. You might have seen images of myself that I have posted which fits in with what I wanted to address and talk to you about. In fact you may have seen the post already and I am really happy with how so many of you seemed to enjoy it.

You may have seen these pictures of myself in a blog post called Memory Lane recently and its a photo diary which I love the idea off and used to do a few of those posts on here a while back.

I hope you all have had a good September! I cannot believe its nearly Christnas, how scary is that! This year has gone so fast!

Lottie x

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