Sunday, 23 October 2016

Style Inspirations

Style Inspirations Blog Post Series 3

Hello everybody and welcome back to another Style Inspiration blog series and this one only happens to be number 3. I am so pleased you all enjoyed the second blog post of this series and could not resist but to do another one for you all!

Like I have done with the last two posts I just want to do a disclaimer that all these pictures featured in this post are from Tumblr!

Now usually I am not into a bedroom that is painted all white and everything in the room is white apart from the duvet but there is something about this picture that makes me thing the colour looks great and you need the right things in your room to pull it off!

There is something about this picture that makes me think how I would love to be able to learn to drive and be able to own a retro car like this one. 

This style is so dreamy, I love it.

I have never seen the pockets of the backs of a pair of jeans like this ever!
Classy, beautiful and more importantly Style Inspirations.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, all of these pictures I feel have so much style in them.
Something that I would dream of having.

Love Lottie

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