Sunday, 16 October 2016

Sunday Style By Marianne Faithfull

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend so far - thought I would do another Sunday Style blog post today I would like to apologise as I know you all seemed to love just as as much as I did writing them. So of course I came back with a cracker... Marianne Faithfull. If your a fan of the 1960s then you wil defintely know her and she could possible be one of your fashion icons. Marianne was 'labelled' as a 60s sex symbol, she had so many relationships; she dated three of the Rolling Stones and when she was in a relationship with Mick Jagger she started having an affair with Keith Richards. Despite that, she was famous for being a singer and the clothes that she wore, her are just some of her pictures that just adore!

What I love about Marianne was her style. I feel like she knew how to dress and what she wanted to wear. She knew her clothes well and what looked good on her. I feel because she was in the public eye quite a lot she had to look 'good' or dress a certain way.

If you guys have been following me on Instagram or been reading my blog for sometime now you will know how much I love black and white pictures. So of course I had to pick out a few black and white shots of Marianne.

Lottie X
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