Friday, 25 November 2016

Keep Smiling

Hey lovely people of the internet who read my blog I just want to thank you! It means a ridicious lot to me. As some of you might know I have Instagram and I like to post on a daily basis well over the last week I have been going through a tough time after loosing my Grandad and just have not felt like posting much! Please bare with me and I'll get back into it very soon. I have been feeling down and thought it was a good chance to do a post that I can keep chatty and perhaps not keeping with the Vintage theme. I just fancy a chat, to get some things of my mind and to remember the wonderful times I had with my Grandad. He was a massive part of my life and I miss him more than he will ever know. Its a terrible feeling when you loose someone so close to you. I have never lost someone before so when it happens you feel that you are living in a dream and then you wake up one day and realise you aren't. This is life and you have to carry on and thats what he would have wanted; for all of us. He was such a great man and he taught me so much and I learned to love old music and films from the Golden Age and I had the pleasure to listen to him singing and it made me smile because he was in his element! It was something that Dementia had not taken away from him, the one thing he still had that he loved and that made me happy! I used to film some of them on my phone and I used to enjoy playing them back so we could watch them a couple months later and look back on the memories. I feel when I am ready and I can do it again and hopefully enjoy it with my Grandma. Of course it will take time and I find it so hard to look a pictires of him because it sets me off again and all I can think of is Grandad saying 'Keep Smiling'. 

I was just thankful that he died knowing who we were and even though his Dementia was terrible because it stopped him from doing the ordinary things that he would of done all his life was getting dressed, being able to watch documentaries on the telly that he loved snd struggling to eat with a knife and fork. Yes so things were awful and he accepted that and just got on with it and my Grandma was there to do it. I loved being able to help him and he used to tell me off sometimes because I used to boss him around (in a nice way) and to stop fussing but It was only because I cared and he knew that.

I love you forever Grandad Tenny.
One day I'll tell my own children how amazing you were and how lucky I was to have you in my life.

22.9.30 - 28. 10.16 

Love Charlottie 


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