Sunday, 6 November 2016

October Favourites

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 Hello everybody, So this month I am back with a favourites post. I did not do one last month but I have been buying some lovely things this month and wanted to show you guys what I had been buying. Firstly can I just say How Can we be in October!? I quite cannot believe it. This post is filled with fashion, vintage and lifestyle things which I feel you will all enjoy.

Auturmn has well and truly arrived and even though I am missing the warm sunshine I do enjoy this time of the year. I love seeing the trees loosing their leaves, I love being able to cosy up in jumpers and going outside when the suns out, wearing my boots or trainers and wearing a jacket or a light coat to take the chill off. I may have mentioned this coat last year when I bought it but it is something I had to mention and if you like to be unique kind of pieces that you will know exactly what I am talking about! If your not that kind of person, do not fear just sit back and enjoy this read. I have always been interested in quirky clothes; especially shirts. The majority of my wardrobe is based on a great shirt and over the years Topshop has brought me some great joy in making some wonderful prints. No wonder whenever I'm always in town I cannot help myself but to look in all the time. However on this occassion it wasn't a shirt I picked up it happened to be a coat but just not any old thing it was vintage. Oh yes vintage, if you have been following me on social media and also read my blog you would have had an idea that I like vintage. So one Saturday I popped into my local vintage shop in York - Bowler Vintage and happened to see this beautiful Original 1960s coat. To my suprise it fit so good and I fell in love with it. This is the perfect time to wear it and it was such a great buy however its not something I would wear when it rains - you need something that is going to keep you dry. I wore it last Sunday when I went to Whitby with the family and I was glad of it. 

It even looks good with trainers and boots too! I have also been loving another fashion favourite and this one is from Topshop and is perfect for Auturmn and Winter. You may have seen on my Instagram that I have been wearing it a lot.

I absolutely love this outfit and it is perfect for this time of the year! The jumper is from Topshop and I have seen it in so many different colours. I paired it up with my black jeans as because its a dark green I thought it would go well and it really does. The added touch of course is the necklace and at the moment because we are still in Auturmn its nice to wear with trainers but now its time for the winter coats boots it will be very soon!

I love posting these kind of retro pictures into my favourites and also love doing outfit posts too!

Love Lottie X

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