Friday, 30 December 2016

Goals For The New Year

As 2016 is drawing to a close I thought I would share with you some of my goals for the new year. I cannot believe we will be in 2017 very soon it is beyond scary to even think about it. I have nearly really been that kind of person to do a New Years Resolution but last year I did a post about my goals for this year so I wanted to do it again and why not, I guess these things that I am going to discuss with you are what I want to achieve in 2017. So fingers crossed! Lets begin,,

Enjoy Every Moment
I have loved blogging this year, 2016 was my year to make my blog just a little more chic and fancy. I like to think I have done that and of course I want to keep improving it as much as I possibly can. I suppose I could try and up my photography skills.. something to work on thats for sure. At the moment though I am quite content with my blog.. also coming up to my blog anniversary in February.. now thats exciting!

2016 has taught me a lot about people and I was so lucky to meet such a lovely girl through Instagram and she is only from The Netherlands would you believe it or not! Ridicious to think this time last year I had no idea she even exsisted!! So of course 2017 is going to be my year to meet more people.

Enjoy Every Moment
I want to appreciate every opportunity I have and make the most of it. I would like 2017 to be so much better than 2016. I want to push myself onto big and better things. Even get myself a flat would be nice. 

In my opinion family is so important! It is everything and when you loose a family member it makes you rethink how life would be so different without them.

I am ready for a change and I hope soon I can find another exciting new challenge. Fingers crossed

I hope 2017 is good for all of us.

Lottie x


Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Reflecting on 2016

I cannot believe I am writing this post on the 2nd of Decemember.. how crazy is that!  Anyway, Happy Decemeber to you all! I hope you are enjoying opening your advert calenders and eating all the choclate in the morning. So many people seem to have them this year and its so cool to see people actually having them. Do you have to be a certain age to stop having an advent calender? I suppose some people can agree to disagree on this matter but hey. I was blessed by having a beauty christmas calender - a massive thank you to my Auntie! It is such a cool gift and I love it. Thank you Marks and Spencers for creating this wonderful idea.

 2016 has flown by! If you have been following this series of posts you may have known that I like to talk about how my month has been. It does not feel five minutes since I was writing the November post. Where do I start.. apart from so many incredible people dying this year and my grandad,, 2016 would have been okay! If anyone asks you about 2016, lets say nothing - this is how I feel so much. Who would have thought how so many famous people have died and some at such a young age. It does show you that you cannot take life for granted and that things can just happen and you do not have any control over it.

On a happier note I just want to start this post with the topic social media and in particular Instagram.. (I know, I know, I have a habit of talking about it all the time) but I love it. Who would have thought that 2016 would have 'met' a lovely, lovely vintage girl Esther. I say met however we have not yet but one day and I hope soon we will. That will be a fab day when it happens. It is quite funny how it kind of happened really - when you follow someone who seems to have the same interests as you and post similar things then you think its great. However you do not expect it to become really good friends with someone. It is amazing how much similar things that we like and its great to have someone who loves vintage. Non of my friends do so as you can imagine it is a great feeling. I recently just send her a letter and some Christmas surprises to The Netherlands and I was so happy that she loved them. I did have a feeling she would do, but you just never know! So yes you can make friends via Instagram haha, I mean who would of known! It is weird to think about how nearly a year ago I did not know she even existed.. that is whats great about social media, wouldn't you agree?

Never did I think that this year would be the year that my blog design went through a massive change. I may not be a full time blogger but I was getting a bit sick of having a blog that did not have that chic feel to it. I kept comparing it someone else's and thinking 'I really wish mine was like that'. A few months later I stumbled on Pipdig which is a website that you can buy professional blogger or wordpress templates for. They have some amazing designs but they call come with a price, I paid £29.00 for mine and I believe it was the cheapest, all the blogger templates I looked at were that price. However there was a couple that were £39.00 which is just a ridicious amount of money if you are just a part time blogger like myself. I was a bit hasty in paying £29.00 at first but then realised how great it would be for my blog so I plucked up the courage and boom 2 days later, my template was installed thanks to Pipdig. That was the great thing ordering a template was that you could click below if you wanted them to install it for you or you could have installed it yourself. To be fair 2 days is pretty great really and they email you as soon as they have done it! It was probably the best blog decison I have ever made on there. It just looks so much better and it looks so much more professional too. I have only had it for a few months but it is defintely worth something to think about! The greatest thing I was able to benefit from was more traffic to my blog; my posts seemed to get so many more views and I was also able to have all my social media accounts on there too. The blog fresh worked well and I was left feeling like a happy bunny!

I feel like this post I have just been babbling on as usual about my blog but I will be doing a New beginnings and Goals for 2017. Make sure you look out for them after Christmas!!

I hope Christmas was good to you and you had a fab time!

Love Lottie


Friday, 16 December 2016

Its Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

'It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere you go' okay I need to stop singing that song and get on with this blog post. Decemeber is going by so fast and now its currently 8 days to Christmas and I cannot wait. I love Christmas, I mean who does not? Minus the stress and how much money money people spend is ridicious and one day that will be me! I do not buy for lots of people so it is a good thing really. I get so excited for Christmas its so lovely just to enjoy 3 days with the people who you love and even though its nice to get presents when you get older you really do realise that Christmas is not just about that! However having said that of course I would be lying to say how I miss being a child and getting excited that Father Christmas would be arriving in his sleigh with all our presents. That is the best thing about being a child at Christmas and myself and my sister have both been extremely lucky; walking downstairs to find that Father Christmas had been and our living room was filled with presents.. little did we know that was is our parents! My sister was the hardest one of us to get to sleep on Christmas Eve, my poor mother and father used to wait hours till she fell asleep, They must have been so tired. 

Christmas for me starts when we put the tree up! Or shall I say when we get the tree.. as the years have gone by we like to buy new decorations every year. I feel like it makes it so much special and you have to keep making your tree just a little bit more special. 
Last Christmas, I went on a do with work to the Racecourse for our Christmas meal and it was lovely. I think we must have had at least 4 courses and had a good old boogie on the dancefloor which I really enjoyed. 

This year we tried something different and went to a French Restaurant called Rustique which is amazing. I love it so much! I was so happy that on the Christmas menu they had my favourite Duck. We ate late and had 3 courses so by the time I got home at half 12 in the morning I was so full however I slept like a baby! 

Now for my outfit I wore the dress that I got from Marks and Spencers for my Grandad's funeral. 
Perfect for all occasions and one of the reaons I bought it.

 I also have to aplogise for the lack of new posts recently however please do not fear there are more coming very soon!

Keep an eye out for spoilers of blog posts on my Instagram!

Love Charlotte X


Saturday, 3 December 2016

Searching For That Inspiration

After a few posts focusing on how I have been feeling recently I decided to do a post that features some fabulous pictures I found on Tumblr and they certainly got my feeling inspired to a blog post.
Over the last couple of days I have had some wonderful views on my posts recently Keep Smiling which if you have not seen is all about my Grandad. I also got nominated by a blogger Louise Rose Railton to do The Blogger Tag. I loved doing that post and you all seemed to enjoy both! Please let me know if you would like to see more like that. All my links can be found on my blog now so make sure you check them out! I certainly would apreciate it.

Inspiration can be found in so many different ways and it does not have to be to do with clothes or an idol who you may see. Although I really do think that has a massive impact as to how people do search for that inspiration especially my age group and younger people of today. We are blessed with social media and even though things can get blown out of proportion - it really can be a great thing.
Over the years of having Instagram there are so many people who I follow who love posting outfit posts of themselves daily - okay some people could say that is vain and why do you need to post a picture of what you were daily. However if you are into fashion and have a certain style then I do not see why not. On the other hand it gives people like myself who you know are thinking 'well I could perhaps be able to pull that off'' and you do not need to be a blogger to do that! 

As you may of known if you have been following me on Instagram for a while now how I decided to post pictures of what I have in my post today in my feed. If you are feeling down and need something to cheer yourself up I would defintely recommend scolling down on Tumblr or Pinterest - it is amazing what kind of things you can find that could cheer yourself up! I myself have started using pinterest again, it was something I used to do all the time and I decided to have a break from it. I see a lot of up and coming bloggers use pinterest to adversise their blog posts so I thought why not.

Searching for that inspiration can be anything you want to be. It can even be food,
MY OH MY, how I love food. If you have seen my Livin' it up in Yorkshire post then you may have a feeling that I live and breathe food haha! I just really need to start getting into cooking again. I suppose it can be something for next year to work on. As always I hoped you enjoyed this post and keep your eyes peeled for some new year posts and goals for 2017 coming soon.

All photos featured in this post are from Tumblr!

Love Lottie
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