Friday, 16 December 2016

Its Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

'It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere you go' okay I need to stop singing that song and get on with this blog post. Decemeber is going by so fast and now its currently 8 days to Christmas and I cannot wait. I love Christmas, I mean who does not? Minus the stress and how much money money people spend is ridicious and one day that will be me! I do not buy for lots of people so it is a good thing really. I get so excited for Christmas its so lovely just to enjoy 3 days with the people who you love and even though its nice to get presents when you get older you really do realise that Christmas is not just about that! However having said that of course I would be lying to say how I miss being a child and getting excited that Father Christmas would be arriving in his sleigh with all our presents. That is the best thing about being a child at Christmas and myself and my sister have both been extremely lucky; walking downstairs to find that Father Christmas had been and our living room was filled with presents.. little did we know that was is our parents! My sister was the hardest one of us to get to sleep on Christmas Eve, my poor mother and father used to wait hours till she fell asleep, They must have been so tired. 

Christmas for me starts when we put the tree up! Or shall I say when we get the tree.. as the years have gone by we like to buy new decorations every year. I feel like it makes it so much special and you have to keep making your tree just a little bit more special. 
Last Christmas, I went on a do with work to the Racecourse for our Christmas meal and it was lovely. I think we must have had at least 4 courses and had a good old boogie on the dancefloor which I really enjoyed. 

This year we tried something different and went to a French Restaurant called Rustique which is amazing. I love it so much! I was so happy that on the Christmas menu they had my favourite Duck. We ate late and had 3 courses so by the time I got home at half 12 in the morning I was so full however I slept like a baby! 

Now for my outfit I wore the dress that I got from Marks and Spencers for my Grandad's funeral. 
Perfect for all occasions and one of the reaons I bought it.

 I also have to aplogise for the lack of new posts recently however please do not fear there are more coming very soon!

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Love Charlotte X


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