Monday, 16 January 2017

Instagram Catch Up - My Top Favourites of 2016

I have always loved this kind of blog series I started doing last year on my little space of  joy and so whilst it is still in to the beginning of January I wanted to do a top favourite of 2016. Now baring in mind I post daily so this was rather hard for me to choose but here are just some of the pictures of fashion, icons and style inspiration which I loved so much they of course had to be mentioned in the blog.
 Now Bella Hadid is a model today who I love, well especially in these pictures. I love how natural she looks and it is just a simple but pretty photo of her. I also love how they are both in black and white, need I say anymore on that matter? Of course if you have been following my space for a while you would know I totally am obsessed with black and white photos but I shall leave that there for now. 
Elizabeth Taylor - She is such a glamourous and beautiful woman. I adore her - she is such an iconic lady and one of my all time favourite Old Hollywood Stars! Yes she comes up there with my Queen, Marily Monroe. I love her smile in this photo, I will be defintely bringing back Old Hollywood to my blog this year, keeps your eyes peeled for some stars coming your way! 

Style Inspiration featured on my blog for a while now and I decided I would like to add that to my post. I love posting about different styles and really wanted to show case that on here. It does not have to be about inspiration you see on tumblr but either what clothes yourself like to wear or even someone who you admire. I did a couple of blog series towards the end of last year and I really got some great interest from them and you lovely people seemed to enjoy them so much. 

Audrey Hepburn - another classy lady who I love. I love everything about her and I love in this picture how great she looks. Her short hair, the way she is sitting, the expression on her face and last but not least her clothes that she is wearing. Now what word comes to my mind you might say? Perfection? possibly but I was thinking was sophiscated.

David Bowie - Starman, Ziggy, Bowie whatever you want to call him. I love him. He was the most iconic man to ever live on the earth! An absolute star. He would have been 70 and it was his 1 year since he died. What a year. I love him. His music and style was so wonderfully weird? Wonderful weird some of you may say but so iconic and that will live on forever.

So there you have it, my top favourite pictures of 2016. I have to say that I could of picked so much more but just for this post I picked these ones.

Don't forget to tweet me @lottieslott your favourites or even tag me on Instagram - lottieslott. Both links are always on my blog!

Lottie x


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