Sunday, 26 February 2017

Relfecting on February

Oh hello February, didn't you come round rather quickly? It does not seem that long ago since I was writing my January post. February is the month where everybody starts spending money on their loved ones for Valentines Day and starts looking at holidays for the summer! Well you know what, that is exactly what I am doing! It is my friend's 21st birthday at the end of April and we have booked to go to Berlin for 3 days and I cannot wait! I will be  Also how wonderful is my Grandmother she is going to give me and my sister £500 each so we can go on holiday this year! It is so so sweet of her and she really is the best. Anyway enough of holidays for now, this month so far (I am writing this post on the 11th of February) but tomorrow I'm off to see Fifty Shades Darker with the same friend who I just mentioned about going away which will be good - I have seen trailers and it looks so much better than the first one. Now before you say again I aren't 100% obessed with Jamie Dornan however he is a pretty good actor and we have another friend who is literally obsessed with him and has been banging on about the movie for ages so we kind of felt obliged to go with her. The film was good so much better than the first one as it had an actual storyline but it was not something I'd buy on DVD.

However Februray was the month when my blog finally had cateorgies on the top and I could not be happier! I have been rambling on so much in previous posts how I wanted to finally caterorise my blog posts and right at the beginning of this month I googled it and found such a great YouTube video and I got it! Actually thinking about it now it is so simple and it sounds so silly but now it looks great and my blog looks so much better! It looks professional and yes I love it! By having labels on my blog it has made my blog traffic go up so much which is just amazing!! If I only knew a long time ago...I have been challenging myself to upload more this month and to try to keep that going for March. I hope so, In January I hardly blogged and before I know it, the next month is upon us. It goes that quick and then I wish I had done so much more posts. You may know if you have been following my blog for a while that I love Frank Sinatra and since my Grandad passed away I have not been able to listen to Frank but then my parents bought me my first Sinatra vinyl for my birthday 3 weeks ago and I decided I was going to listen it. It is such a good album but it made me tear up I know that my Grandad would love it. I know he was singing with it me and he was saying 'keep smiling' because thats what he always said. Also Grandad would not want me to be sad, he never would want that and if he knew he would be saying something like 'you wally'.  I've also found a new love for Prince too and I was lucky enough to get a Prince vinyl off my parents for my birthday. He reminds me very much of a Michael Jackson but in his on way of course and I do love Michael.

Lottie x


Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Two Year Blog Anniversary #ValentinesDay

Today marks two years since I created Lottie's Lott and I cannot believe how quick time flies. It only seems like yesterday since I plucked up the courage to actually do it and how it was my time to shine! I feel blessed to have something which I did on my own where I can come home and pick up the laptop and find something to share about. Sometimes it does not have to be Vintage related, I like documenting posts with twitsts to them and I love reading chatty posts. That is something I wanted to do now and again as I thought it would be great just to come under the 'lifestyle' part to my blog but always keeping to them what I started my blog all about. I love reading other people's blogs and it is always diferent reading ones that are not related to fashion and beauty all the time, so it is nice when you find up and coming bloggers that have something different so when I came up with the idea of wanting my blog to be about Vintage I really wanted people to connect with it and to really enjoy it. Just as much as if you were reading one about clothes and make up! I started seeing a complete difference in my traffic and I thought 'wow! People are actually liking this!' which has spurred me on to continue and to improve my blog.

Here are just a few of my favourite blog posts!

1. Now this first post was not my favourite to write and if you have read it you may know why but dedicated to my Grandad.

2, This post was the last post of 2016 and something that I wanted to do even though I do not make New Year resolutions. These are just a few goals I wanted to achieve through the New Year.

3. Last but not least it is The Blogger Tag! I really enjoyed doing this post as it was personal and I loved doing something that some of you may not know about me.

Of course these just a small amount of posts that I enjoyed doing and I also feel 2016 was the year that I made a lot of changes to my posts and my blog itself!

I also want to thank you! Yes you lovely people of the internet who follow this blog and continue to enjoy my posts! It really means a lot and I cannot thank you enough! Lets see when 2017 takes my blog and who knows what will happen! 

As always if you are new to Lottie's Lott I hope you truly enjoy this read and look forward to new things happening! Please do not forget to keep up with me on social media - the links are all on my blog so make sure you check them out.

Love, Lottie x


Saturday, 11 February 2017

Something Old, Something Blue and Something New

One of the blog series posts I wanted to bring back to Lottie's Lott was called Style Inspirations which I started back during the Summer of 2016. I started doing these kind of posts because I loved posting inspirational kind of pictures onto my instagram feed like the ones at the top of this post. I wanted my blog to follow it so they went together really and I loved doing them for a few months but I stopped doing them for a while and today is the first one of 2017. I am not sure how often I'll do them, I think it wil just be once a week, something similar to what I did before and just see how it goes. I do believe you have to keep changing things as you can get bored of them and so can people reading them. It can be a bit of both really and I certainly do not want to get bored nor do you! That is the most important thing. I wanted to share things that I love and fashion is one of them. Style can be anything you want, it is yout body and everyone loves different things, I also like doing these posts because you get ideas of how to style clothes or different things that you can put together and even trying something new! If you are happy in what you wear, the clothes you like then that is it. In the world we live in today that is exactly what you can do all thank to the internet, what would we do without? That is something I could answer on a whole different topic but we are so lucky to be able to scroll through Pinterest and Tumblr to get ideas on how you want your bathroom to be, looking at diferent clothes/styles you dream of having or even looking through pictures of diferent hair styles. It is so wide open and it is something that I love doing and I sure you enjoy it too! You see so many people who share posts that are similar, styles that your parents used to wear in their youth that have come back in fashion and even clothes that your grandparents wore in their days!

I hope you look forward to these posts, I aren't 100% sure how often they will be but I hope you enjoy them just as much I love doing them.

Lottie x

Disclaimer: The photos that are used in this blog post are from Tumblr. They are not my own.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Animal Print and A Whole Lot Of Brew And Brownie

Its February, it is wet, it is cold and it is still dark at 7 in the morning and all we want is to see the sunshine peering through our bedroom. Well today, after a miserable raining grey week in York the sun decided to say hello and it was just like a Spring morning. Perfect idea to wear my new animal print turtle neck jumper which I only bought last weekend. I was lucky enough to have some Christmas money which I hadn't gotten round to spending yet so I had to get this jumper. Pricey but it was something I had seen a few weeks ago and I had to get it.  When I find something I love I just cannot take my eyes off it, I guess you could also say that about food too haha. I love finding really nice places to eat breakfast and my sister had mentioned about going to an independant coffee/cafe house in the heart of our home town in the centre of York. It is called Brew and Brownie and it is only a small inside so you have to get there earlier if you want to get a seat but let me tell you my friends it is so good, you'll just want to go back for more! It is only in York too. 

We started off by having coffee and I had a Flat White which I really love. I prefer stronger coffee and I am not a fan anymore of milky latte's anymore. So this perfect for me! 

Now moving onto food, we went for Breakfast but they had some lovely sandwiches too. I opted for American All Day Pancakes and took me ages to figure out which topping I was going to have but went for fruit compote with yoghurt and honey! Mmm, it was amazing! 

You get a stack of 4 pancakes but I was so hungry I cleared the plate! So my sister went for Avocado on toast with a poached egg which also looked just as good and my Grandma, she went for Eggs Benedict with Ham and Hollandaise sauce!

Later on, we stopped off at Hotel Choclat at John Lewis and got ourselves some more coffee which meant another Flat White for me, a Valentines Day Hot Chocolate for my sister and an ordinary one for my Grandma.

I love days that are like this, don't you?

Lottie x

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Welcome To The Good Life

When I hear of that saying 'welcome to the good life' I automatically think of the song by Kanye West because that is where it comes from. An unusual title of a Vintage blog post but yet when I thought about it the song was done by in 2007 so its slightly old fashioned in a funny way. Maybe its me but that is what I liked about it.

This post is going to be a chatty one, I love these chatty lifestyle posts and as always I like to add a retro pictures for example here is a sixties model Jenny Boyd, the sister of Pattie. How alike do they look!?

Blogging as you know has become something that I love and I enjoy doing when I have nothing else going me. Its my happy place, the place where its just me talking to you about my favourite Vintage things. That could be rambling on about how much I love Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. Or even about how I love The Beatles. Because yes I could talk about them forever and my love of music. I've always loved music from a young age, I think it was probably the day I got my CD player and I absolutely loved it. I loved being able to go Tesco to have a look at the album charts to see what new CD's they had and begged my mum to let me get one. I loved Sclub 7, I think every girl loved them and the Spice Girls. They were two of the best girl bands in the 90's. I think I was about 13 when I got the bus on my own to my grandparents and I used to listen to my CD player everywhere, in my room, on the bus and on holiday. It was the greatest thing. I then was able to get one in my room and I used to sit on the floor and sing to the lyrics (or I tried too).

Through the years I have liked so much different artists and when I was about 16 I started to listen to The Beatles and I've been loving them ever since. Do you remember a year ago when I got my record player? Well on my 23rd birthday I was lucky enough to go and choose my record player and it was the best gift I've ever had. Ever since that day I've been listening to it and my vinyl collection is pretty big. I say big I have over 20 vinyls. The majority of them are of the course The Beatles, I have Mumford and Sons, Lana Del Rey and so much more. The list goes on, I was so lucky to be able to have my grandad's original Frank Sinatra records who I adore. 

I have to admit since HMV decided to stock lots and lots I love going in and seeing what new ones they have. About a couple of weeks ago I bought Revolver by The Beatles and a John and Yoko one.
I was very happy indeed, however I need to slow down for a bit! The weather is slowly getting better and I need to start buying some spring clothes! That time will come when I will be able to afford clothes and vinyls altogether but that will be a while yet! 

Music has always been in my family and for me it can mean happiness, a song that reminds you of a memory or one of the greatest things ever is being able to love the same music as your parents or grandparents loved. I love so many different artists from different eras and I'm currently listening to Frank Sinatra on vinyl whilst I'm blogging. 

Anyway, I feel like I have rambled on too long about my love of music but basically without my blog I would not be able to do any of this.

Lottie x


Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Relfecting on January

Hello you wonderful bunch! A post series I wanted to bring to 2017 was something I did all last year and that was reflect on my month. I loved doing these kind of posts and I always like to bring something exciting and new into them. So lets say hello to January and some people say it can be not such a great month as Christmas is over, the new year has started and everyone has decided what kind of resolutions or goals they want to achieve. 

The sales are now upon us which means people enjoy spending their money on something that they have always wanted and have been waiting for it to go into the sale or just happen to see something that takes the eye - an extra little something. How I could I miss the people who wake up at a ridicious time to hit the boxing day sales and stand outside queing to get in.. that reminds me of when I worked at Next and there was always lots of people stood in the cold waiting to go and see what bargins they could get their hands on. The total opposite to me I would rather be in bed, thank goodness those days are long on! Now I can enjoy Christmas. Enough about the sales January is my birthday month.. YES! 

January is the time to making new things happen and that is what I am trying to. Nothing happens staight away but if you focus on what you want to achieve and you can see some changes happening; then that has got to be better than doing about it. As I said in a post I did just before the New Year about a few different things I wanted to a accomplish and I am positive and looking forward to the year ahead. I have been working a lot on coming up with new blog posts, new blogging ideas I want to achieve and just making the blog I better place. Its far from perfect but I think its perfect enough for me right now and as you may remember 2016 was the year I decided to sort that all out. It was something I wanted to do for the last year and by the middle of the year I was ready to do it! I am currentlt writing this part of the post 3 days before my birthday (24th) and to start my week off I just had my hair cut. I am that type of person who gets a regular hair cut and because I have fine hair its a MUST. Here is a photo of my hair (minus the fact it rained so my poor curls got ruined and it was such a dark day too so my hair looks so much lighter because I had to put a filter on it) and I am pretty happy with my hair! 

Alexa Chung Vibes - yes my friend Esther said that. It is a first for sure but I will take that. Such a lovely conpliment! I also love Alexa Chung too. So yesterday was the 24th January also known as my birthday!! I am now 25! I do not feel any different but it really does scare me to think I was born 25 years ago and how fast time goes! I had such a fabulous day yesterday in Newcastle with my sister, grandma and auntie. We spent ages in TK Max as it is a huge store and found some amazing finds - which for myself is really great as I do not like bargin/sale shopping. Then we had a lovely mean in Jamie's Italian - the Newcastle one is amazing and I ended up getting my dessert free as it was my birthday! How lucky was I! I had such a great day and I got some lovely presents. It was a birthday to remember!

I hope you have had a good first month to 2017! 

I am looking forward to this year and I hope you are too! Lets make good things happen and follow your goals!

Lottie x

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