Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Relfecting on January

Hello you wonderful bunch! A post series I wanted to bring to 2017 was something I did all last year and that was reflect on my month. I loved doing these kind of posts and I always like to bring something exciting and new into them. So lets say hello to January and some people say it can be not such a great month as Christmas is over, the new year has started and everyone has decided what kind of resolutions or goals they want to achieve. 

The sales are now upon us which means people enjoy spending their money on something that they have always wanted and have been waiting for it to go into the sale or just happen to see something that takes the eye - an extra little something. How I could I miss the people who wake up at a ridicious time to hit the boxing day sales and stand outside queing to get in.. that reminds me of when I worked at Next and there was always lots of people stood in the cold waiting to go and see what bargins they could get their hands on. The total opposite to me I would rather be in bed, thank goodness those days are long on! Now I can enjoy Christmas. Enough about the sales January is my birthday month.. YES! 

January is the time to making new things happen and that is what I am trying to. Nothing happens staight away but if you focus on what you want to achieve and you can see some changes happening; then that has got to be better than doing about it. As I said in a post I did just before the New Year about a few different things I wanted to a accomplish and I am positive and looking forward to the year ahead. I have been working a lot on coming up with new blog posts, new blogging ideas I want to achieve and just making the blog I better place. Its far from perfect but I think its perfect enough for me right now and as you may remember 2016 was the year I decided to sort that all out. It was something I wanted to do for the last year and by the middle of the year I was ready to do it! I am currentlt writing this part of the post 3 days before my birthday (24th) and to start my week off I just had my hair cut. I am that type of person who gets a regular hair cut and because I have fine hair its a MUST. Here is a photo of my hair (minus the fact it rained so my poor curls got ruined and it was such a dark day too so my hair looks so much lighter because I had to put a filter on it) and I am pretty happy with my hair! 

Alexa Chung Vibes - yes my friend Esther said that. It is a first for sure but I will take that. Such a lovely conpliment! I also love Alexa Chung too. So yesterday was the 24th January also known as my birthday!! I am now 25! I do not feel any different but it really does scare me to think I was born 25 years ago and how fast time goes! I had such a fabulous day yesterday in Newcastle with my sister, grandma and auntie. We spent ages in TK Max as it is a huge store and found some amazing finds - which for myself is really great as I do not like bargin/sale shopping. Then we had a lovely mean in Jamie's Italian - the Newcastle one is amazing and I ended up getting my dessert free as it was my birthday! How lucky was I! I had such a great day and I got some lovely presents. It was a birthday to remember!

I hope you have had a good first month to 2017! 

I am looking forward to this year and I hope you are too! Lets make good things happen and follow your goals!

Lottie x


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