Saturday, 11 February 2017

Something Old, Something Blue and Something New

One of the blog series posts I wanted to bring back to Lottie's Lott was called Style Inspirations which I started back during the Summer of 2016. I started doing these kind of posts because I loved posting inspirational kind of pictures onto my instagram feed like the ones at the top of this post. I wanted my blog to follow it so they went together really and I loved doing them for a few months but I stopped doing them for a while and today is the first one of 2017. I am not sure how often I'll do them, I think it wil just be once a week, something similar to what I did before and just see how it goes. I do believe you have to keep changing things as you can get bored of them and so can people reading them. It can be a bit of both really and I certainly do not want to get bored nor do you! That is the most important thing. I wanted to share things that I love and fashion is one of them. Style can be anything you want, it is yout body and everyone loves different things, I also like doing these posts because you get ideas of how to style clothes or different things that you can put together and even trying something new! If you are happy in what you wear, the clothes you like then that is it. In the world we live in today that is exactly what you can do all thank to the internet, what would we do without? That is something I could answer on a whole different topic but we are so lucky to be able to scroll through Pinterest and Tumblr to get ideas on how you want your bathroom to be, looking at diferent clothes/styles you dream of having or even looking through pictures of diferent hair styles. It is so wide open and it is something that I love doing and I sure you enjoy it too! You see so many people who share posts that are similar, styles that your parents used to wear in their youth that have come back in fashion and even clothes that your grandparents wore in their days!

I hope you look forward to these posts, I aren't 100% sure how often they will be but I hope you enjoy them just as much I love doing them.

Lottie x

Disclaimer: The photos that are used in this blog post are from Tumblr. They are not my own.

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