Thursday, 16 March 2017

Dusty Pink Pinafore And SmashBox Treats

There comes a time in your life where you have try new things and sometimes say goodbye to the old but maybe not forever. Especially not when it comes to clothes right? As I have said in a previous post way back last year 'fashion can be whatever you want it to be' and it is great to try new things and develop as a person. That is all well and good until clothes are conserned and seeing your friends wearing dresses, pinafore dresses or dungarees can make you think 'will they look good on me? 'can I pull them off? Of course you can! I have mentioned before in my blog that I am a tall girl and I find it hard to find dresses and skirts that fit me and I usually have to get them in tall because otherwise they are too short and look awful. So when everyone started wearing pinafore dresses I had the same kind of feeling that they would no fit and when I held it up against me it looked short so I never bothered. It just so happens I came across this pinafore dress in Topshop in Newcastle and I loved it. It was not a pinafore dress I had ever seen before. It is the perfect pinafore dress if you want to opt for an alterantive to demin with this cord pinafore dress. I love how it is a cool dusty pink velvet and there is a distinctive 90s edge to this throw-on style. I fell in love with it straight away and by gosh it is something you need to spice up your wardrobe this Spring. I wore a simple black basic top and black tights as the weather is still cold although it would look great with grey tights too. I actually wore my bomber jacket as I was indoors so even though it was slightly chilly it was a great match.

I actually bought this pinafore dress in the sale and when I tried it on I realised it had a rip in it but never even saw the label to say it was damaged however my mum sewed it up for me as luckily it wasn't that deep and it looks brand new, you cannot tell! Even though I didn't pay full price for it I would have done anyway it is such a lovely pinafore dress perfect for now and Spring. Hopefully the weather will finally start feeling like Spring so we can start wearing clothes like this and I can start putting my jumpers anyway for a while.

Also on my travels only the other day as it happens I ended up going shopping with my sister and we went to a discounted makeup store. They bacially sell expensive make up and skin care brands a lot cheaper so there is Mac Cosmetics, Bobbi Brown, Estee Lauder, Smashbox and Clinique. It is so great and I found two lovely makeup treats from Smashbox which I was so happy about as I always wanted to try something from there!

The lipstick itself is called Smashbox Nude Beach Be Legendary and it is the most perfect colour for Spring. If you are anything like me I love pastal colours and pinks. I tend to go for lipsticks like that then bold ones however I love trying hot pinks when its Summer. They just look gorgeous on and it looks great on the skin. The lipstick itself is a medium coral with warm, orange undertones and a natural sheen to it. It has creamy texture to it but it most certainly isn' too thick or even too thin on the lips.

When looking online at the lipstick The Be Legendary formula is supposed to have 'rich, vibrant colour' that is long-wearing and moisturzing. I am very excited about wearing this for Spring and Summer!

Last but not least here is my LA Blush and Highlight Pallet. I love blushes, I always wear them and I go for peach tones and pink ones because I am fair so that is what suits me best. I know some people are not too keen on pink shades but if you get them right they can look great on and are fabulous for the warmer months! I was so excited to get my hands on this pallet, now the pallet I chose myself is something that I would start to bring into my makeup routine very shortly and as much as I love my Soap and Glory it is always time for a change. Also it was my opportunity to try out highlight as that is something I have never tried before and really wanted to give it a go!

Instead of getting the pallet for £25 I ended up getting it for £18 which is a massive difference and let me tell you I was very happy indeed. 

Lottie x


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