Thursday, 2 March 2017

February Favourites

Today you catch me a on a good day - I'm off to the cinema tomorrow and I decided to do a favourite post! I did one last month and I thought 'lets do it again' and you lovely people seemed to enjoy it so I could not resist. I also bought some really cool things I wanted to share too! This had to be done.

Lush Treats

 Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar - This leaves your bath all lovely and pink and smells of Lavender and leaves your bath in bubbles. This one is £4.25 which I do think is over priced for what it is but I would get it again and this is an old bubble bar from the Valentines Day collection.

I also bought the Lovestruck Bubble Bar (which is new to the this year Valentines Day collection) and Lover Lamp too but I haven't used these two yet so make sure you look out for these in my next favourite posts! 

I like to save them for a little bit before I use them as once they have gone that is it and they are expensive to buy depending on what you get! 

Now this next favourite of mine is a fashion one. The jumper actually says 'Space Cadet' on it and I got it in the January sales. 

I have paired it up with jeans at the moment but once Spring arrives I cannot wait to wear it underneath my pinafore dress and skirt. 

This week some never before pictures were released of Marilyn Monroe when she was 34 back in the 60s not long after she died and she looks like she's pregnant in the photos. Baring in mind she had three miscarriages so could this be one of them? We will never know but I love them. She looks so beautiful and I wanted to show these in my favourites.

As you may know she is my idol and I love her to pieces. I was very excited to see these and defintely a great ending to this post.

Lottie x

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