Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Reflecting on March

Oh my, Oh my! How has March been and gone already? This year is going so quick already and quite frankly I just cannot get in to my head that April is nearly here! Although the last couple of weeks the weather has been so lovely and yes Spring is finally making an entrance and all the flowers are out and everything is just so pretty! I have also seen the first lambs of 2017 too - I love this time of the year! This also means that we are step closer to Summer and now we can start wearing Spring clothes and start wearing cute bomber jackets and Mom jeans! - YES YES PLEASE. I love them so much, Although because I live in England I cannot say goodbye to jumpers and coats - no I have to keep them in my wardrobe because you just don't know what the weather is going to be like and let me tell you it rains in England! So kids you gotta' be prepared you know! I hate the transitioning from Winter to Spring purely because you just do not know what to wear. However lets hope this gets better. 

March for myself is always one of those months where the family has their birthdays which means I have to be lots of cards and presents! Not only that but it is Mothers Day too! It is a pretty crazy month for that really and they all come round so fast you just do not have the time to get it all! It is always such a rush but somehow I do it! Blogging has taken a back seat this month but I have been doing posts but I have wanted to come up with new post ideas and I am searching for inspiration. Although saying that I did do two fashion posts which I love and an Old Hollywood post. I am very excited to start to bring that back to my blog it is going to be great and very exciting! Make sure you keep your eyes peeled soon for the new posts!! 

If you guys saw my last monthly post you will know that at the end of April I am off to Berlin for 3 days for my friends 21st birthday and I am so excited! It is going to come round so fast and I literally cannot wait! Just bought myself a book and have started reading up on all the things to see and do! I will hopefully do a blog post all about that when I get home! I have to document that!!

Lottie x


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