Friday, 21 April 2017

Spring Style Inspiration

I don't know about you but I am very excited to say goodbye to my winter wardrobe for a little while and to start bringing out my Spring/Summer wardrobe which I adore. Of course as ever year passes you keep adding to your collection and sometimes clothing can start to look tired and then you end up buying something else just to replace it. I have a few dresses which I love wearing in the Summer on holiday which I got in the Topshop sale about 3 years ago now but still look great! I suppose this year I will have to try them on again and see whether they will stay in my wardrobe and or end up in a charity bag. The week before last York was hit by some gorgeous sunshine which got me so looking forward to the months ahead and how lovely it is to be outside in warm sunshine. Oh how it is wonderful. Unfortuntely that was not the case last weekend and it was rather chilly but I am hoping and praying that this weekend will be slightly different.. oh I hope! Just like the majority of us we love being in the sunshine because it makes us happy and it is a fabulous feeling when you can eventually start wearing sandals! Although that has not come round to us yet.. perhaps a bit too early I mean its on the beginning of Spring. 

My style does not really change however I find these warmer months are the perfect time to start wearing more florial pieces and bright colours which I love. You could say it is my time to shine.  As we are only in April I wanted to share with you a few different kind of outfits I have been loving so far and reaching for them whilst the sun has been out. 

This outfit I really do adore and I have mentioned about this pinafore dress so if you want to check that post make sure you search 'Dusty Pink Pinafore and Smash Box Treats' on my blog where I talked about the outfit in lots more detail. It really is one of my favourite Spring outfits I have purchased this year. It also goes well with one of my favourite blouses I got from Zara last year.

This outfit is also featured on a previous post and you may have seen this on my Instagram or Twitter if you follow me on there. I love MOM jeans so much and when I came across these ones they fitted great and they almost reminded me of a vintage levi jean which I love and would be amazing to own a pair. That is defintely on my wish list but for now these £40 MOM jeans do the job and from Topshop you cannot go wrong. I was after a floral pair but they did not have my size at the time, anway for now these are great.

Lottie x


Friday, 14 April 2017

Social Media Break and That Style Inspiration Post

Today I had in the back off my mind to do a Style Inspirations Post which will be the first one I have done this year. I do want to get to back into these posts and I just had the idea to do. If you have been following my blog for a while now you would know that I started doing these blog series last year and I loved doing these posts alongside doing Sunday Style posts. I began to start changing these round a bit but I now seem to want to start these posts again and I hope you guys will enjoy them. 

I recently have had a bit of social media break and this morning it was 5 days since I had not posted again on Instagram and wow for me that is a long time. I love to post daily and that is what I am all about but there comes to a point where sometimes you have to stop and realise that your life does not have to evolve around Instagram every single day of your life. Someimes what you need is to take the time out and to appreciate life without taking pictures and posting them on social media. It becomes an every day accurance where you just get your phone, take a picture and bang lets Instagram that. That is what I have loved about having a social media break you can enjoy it so much more without having the need to post every day and to enjoy not checking your phone every 5 minutes. You can enjoy being with family and keeping that phone anyway in your room so its not going of every 5 minutes and just enjoy what it is like to not have a phone for a bit? Although really can we do that? I try and sometimes it has to be done. and let me tell you, you feel amazing afterwards and its so worth while! Why don't you give it go? 

Back to the post and back to what you clicked on this post for right? The style, the fashion and the icons you just cannot take your eyes off. George Harrison, Pattie Boyd and Kate Moss? Yes, absolutely yes! I love their styles so much and the pictures I chose for this post today that I love. I have mentioned all three of these icons so many times on my blog but they are all inspirational to me and some of my biggest fashion heros and George Harrison happens to be my favourite member of The Beatles. I adore him and I love pictures of George and Pattie way back in the 1960s. 

I also love that chic, classic inspirational style look that everybody adores in the social media world. Pinterest and Tumblr are filled with pictures like this and as it happens this is where I got the ones I used in this post. Everyone is dreaming of having an Pinterest inspired bathroom lounge or having coffee at the cutest but sophiscated place ever!

I look forward to starting these posts again! Make sure you keep an eye out for some more fashion posts comng very soon.

Lottie x


Monday, 3 April 2017

March Favourites

My March favourites is finally here and It only feels like five minutes ago since I was doing it last month. As I said in my Reflecting on March post how this month seems to have flown by and how everything seems to be going so fast these days! You just do not get a moment to breathe anymore. This monthly favourites has consisted of a few of my favourite icons, people that have inspired me and just photos that I love. I begin my talking about one of the most retro inspired fashion icons on the planet and that is Alexa Chung. How many times I have mentioned her on my blog but then how could I possibly not! Her style is flawless and every photo she has is just perfection. She really inspires so many people to be like her. I love how she mixes and old and new pieces together. Her instagram is also fabulous and if you aren't following her then you defintely should! 

The Rolling Stones - I used to post quite a lot on Keith Richards and Mick Jagger - they are my favourite two from the band. I love pctures of them as they were younger and just how they looked and how much the fashion has changed even though now it is just all coming back! These two will be appearing on my Insta very soon.

Last but not least is Bella Hadid whom I have not mentioned a lot actually on here but she is a icon today for quite a lot of girls who are either starting out modelling or just have a passion for fashion. I think I may have mentioned a while ago that Bella Hadid is not my favourite model of today but she is defintely somethng to appreciate and is very successful in what she does as is her sister Gigi.  However this being said the pictures I have featured on this post today are my favourite and look like they were shot on the same today. They are both very natural but look amazing and it really shows you how talented she is and why people love her so much! This is a short March favourites post but so far I am loving doing these every month! 

Lottie x

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