Monday, 3 April 2017

March Favourites

My March favourites is finally here and It only feels like five minutes ago since I was doing it last month. As I said in my Reflecting on March post how this month seems to have flown by and how everything seems to be going so fast these days! You just do not get a moment to breathe anymore. This monthly favourites has consisted of a few of my favourite icons, people that have inspired me and just photos that I love. I begin my talking about one of the most retro inspired fashion icons on the planet and that is Alexa Chung. How many times I have mentioned her on my blog but then how could I possibly not! Her style is flawless and every photo she has is just perfection. She really inspires so many people to be like her. I love how she mixes and old and new pieces together. Her instagram is also fabulous and if you aren't following her then you defintely should! 

The Rolling Stones - I used to post quite a lot on Keith Richards and Mick Jagger - they are my favourite two from the band. I love pctures of them as they were younger and just how they looked and how much the fashion has changed even though now it is just all coming back! These two will be appearing on my Insta very soon.

Last but not least is Bella Hadid whom I have not mentioned a lot actually on here but she is a icon today for quite a lot of girls who are either starting out modelling or just have a passion for fashion. I think I may have mentioned a while ago that Bella Hadid is not my favourite model of today but she is defintely somethng to appreciate and is very successful in what she does as is her sister Gigi.  However this being said the pictures I have featured on this post today are my favourite and look like they were shot on the same today. They are both very natural but look amazing and it really shows you how talented she is and why people love her so much! This is a short March favourites post but so far I am loving doing these every month! 

Lottie x


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